Attempt 2 at a blog…



Blog Round 2!

Some of you may or may not know that I started a blog at the beginning of my junior year, but I didn’t really get it off the ground. I couldn’t figure out why until recently, my first blog wasn’t centered around anything, it didn’t have a theme. This time it’s different.

This blog will be specific to body positivity and feminism, two topics that I have found are extremely important to me. In the past years, I have seen myself grow out of many insecurities that I once had. That being said, I, without a doubt, still have many insecurities and things to work through. Since entering college, I have grown immensely as a woman, realizing my worth and my strength.

I am complimented on my confidence every day, which blows my mind because, to me, I’m just living in the body that I was given.

Girls are taught from birth that they need to change and be better and be beautiful. But sometimes you just need to flaunt what you got. Realize that no amount of healthy eating, exercise, or anything else is going to change your thick thighs or giant booty and that maybe I love my giant ass and my tummy.

So this blog is for myself to learn, to teach others, and just to express my self.

Thanks for reading. And for everyone that just skimmed and told me they read it, thanks too because that’s better than nothing!

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