Hyping myself up (As usual)

If you know me and follow me on social media, you know I’m basically obsessed with myself. I gas myself up CONSTANTLY. At first, it was all for show, I thought if I told everyone that I thought that I was pretty, everyone else would think I’m pretty too. After a while, I started to actually believe myself, and not in a half-assed way, I genuinely love myself. I’m great! I’m a genuinely nice person, I have friends and family that care about me immensely, and I look damn good when I want to. I don’t say I love myself to tell others to love me too, I say it because I mean it.

Sooooooo in honor of that, I picked my favorite Instagram pictures of myself. It has nothing to do with the number of likes or comments on the photos and everything to do with the photos themselves. I just love these pictures and think I look bomb as hell! So, in no particular order, here they are! Also if you don’t follow me on Instagram click the link above and follow that shit! I post some bomb pictures!!!


I love this one because I love this dress and I love that I’m laughing. My laugh is obnoxious as hell, it’s wicked loud and people can always pick it out of a crowd, and I love it. It’s distinct, it’s different, it’s me.



This past Halloween I was a Playboy Bunny, as you can probably tell. Typically revealing Halloween costumes are reserved for “skinny” girls and I wanted to say fu** you to that. I look great, I felt great, and I LOVED this costume.



This was from a sorority themed party, Athletes Vs Mathletes, clearly, me and Alyson are the Athletes. I love this picture because the lighting and filter make us look bad ass, and it’s one of very few photos where I have cleavage.



This one was an homage to Nikkie Tutorials, one of my favorite YouTubers. I love how my makeup came out, especially my highlight. I’m glowy and bright and I felt good taking this selfie.



I like this photo because it is one of the first photos I’ve posted on Instagram without makeup. I’ve struggled my whole life with cystic acne, recently it’s been at it’s worst, and although I have given up wearing makeup on a daily basis (there will probably be a post about that later, stay tuned), I am very insecure about it. You can see some of my pimples in this picture, you can see the texture of my face, you can see the redness. But it looks fine, I look pretty, so I posted it. Posting this photo was like climbing the social media version of Mt Everest, everything from here on is downhill.



Lastly, this photo shows of my Thicc thighs and my BOMBB highlight. I didn’t even know this picture existed for a while, my friend Maddie sent it to our group chat weeks later. It’s not posed, it wasn’t planned, it’s 100% candid. Just me, in my natural habitat, glowing like a goddess with my thick ass thighs.

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