My Favorite Makeup Youtubers

If you don’t know, now you know: I’m obsessed with makeup. I love wearing it, doing it, learning about it, buying it, watching people wear it, EVERYTHING about makeup. One of my favorite activities is watching youtube videos from makeup and beauty influencers. It’s been something that’s made me feel better since as long as I can remember, and it still gets me out of bad moods. So in appreciation for that, I have compiled a list of my favorite YouTubers and Beauty Gurus for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Nikkie Tutorials

Favorite Type of Video: Makeup Tutorials, Monthly Favorites

Favorite Thing About Her Videos: Her voice, I don’t know what it is, but her voice is so sweet and kind and it just makes me happy,

Nikkie is the kind of person that I want to be friends with, she’s hilarious, she loves full glam makeup, and she, by all accounts, is one of the kindest and most genuine people. Nikkie has been on YouTube for YEARS, I’m pretty sure she started when she was 15 or 16, and now she’s 22. YUP SHE’S 22 FOLKS!!! She’s beat for the God’s and only a year older than me, IT’S FINEEEEEEE.  Nikkie has PHENOMENAL tutorials, and she gives full and fair reviews of products. She does tend to stay in the Sephora realm of makeup, meaning the more expensive makeups, but she does utilize drugstore makeup.

Jackie Aina

Favorite Video: Full Face of WOMEN OWNED Beauty Brands!

Favorite Type Of Videos: Reviews

Favorite Thing About Her Videos: Humour, reality (she tells the truth no matter what)

JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE! Watch just one Jackie Aina video and you’ll understand why I did that. Jackie is HILARIOUS! She makes watching reviews on new makeup so much fun, and she spills all the tea and all the shade. There is no holding back if she does not like a product she is going to shred it to pieces. She gets a lot of flack for her reviews due to a large number of her viewers thinking that all she does is drag makeup brands, but she does like products I promise!! She just holds high priced products to high standards, which is completely understandable, if I am going to be paying $40 for a foundation I want it to be flawless. She also has multiple videos where she uses only black-owned brands or only female-owned brands. As a woman of color, she is very here for the inclusivity of makeup brands and I am here for it too. If you are darker than “light medium” and need makeup tips, hop over to Jackie’s channel because you gon learn today, folks.


Favorite Type Of Videos: WTF Reviews [testing EXPENSIVE makeup, I’m talking $200 foundations and $400 facemasks], OMG Tuesdays [trying weird and different products, like putty highlighter and a hair sheet mask], anything with James [her husband]

Favorite Thing About Her Videos: Her voice, she always tries to find a silver lining when she tests new products

Tati is someone I’ve just recently started watching, but I LOVE HER. Her reviews and first Impressions are my favorites. My favorite part about her videos is that she uses everything from $1 makeup to high end and luxury makeup. She does WTF reviews and reviews and tests EXPENSIVE makeup, like $400 facemasks and $200 foundations, things that the average makeup lover may not ever be able to afford. When she does these videos she never makes you feel as if you need to buy those particular products, and she tries to give you alternatives for less expensive dupes. Her and her husband are 10/10 adorable, and any video where he’s in it is so cute and I need someone that loves me as much as I love makeup.

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