I Have Black Hair And Don’t Know What To Do With It

I have kinky, curly, natural hair.

I’m about 3 years old here, as you can see, my hair is sort of just a poof ball.
I actually was born bald, and was bald until after I turned one! The bottom picture is from my senior year of high school when I started going to a barber.

I love my hair, with all of my heart, but I cannot, for the life of me, begin to even know how to deal with it. My mom has pin straight hair and would braid my hair and put it in pigtails when I was younger, and it looked adorable, but the actual care of my hair was definitely foreign to my mom. I remember the smell of Pink Oil so distinctly, if you’re a black girl you know what smell I’m talking about, Pink Oil was one of the very few black hair products that were in my house.


Me and my mom, as you can see her hair is very much straight. She’s always tried to curl it, she had a perm for a while. 


In fourth grade, I chopped off all of my hair and left it short.  I grew it out again in high school, but due to a lack of knowledge and a not wanting to deal with it, I cut it again, and it has been short since. It’s even gotten shorter, I started going to a barber and I got the sides of my hair buzzed short.


The peak of my fro. My friend’s called me fuzzhead when I was younger (my best friend still does).


I started going to a barber, I get a 2 on the sides and scissors on the top. Ironically it’s the same haircut my little brother gets.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my short hair, I think I look damn fu**ing good. But, I see videos and photos of black girls with their natural afros and I am instantly jealous. I want that, I miss my big hair, I miss my giant curls. I also don’t love going to get my haircut so frequently, to keep it at that length I should ideally go every 2-3 weeks or so, once a month at the very least. SOOOOOO I’m attempting to grow it out.

My hair currently, this was taken within this month. I think the last time I got it cut was in August.

I started using a leave-in conditioner specifically for multicultural curls, and I got better shampoo and conditioner for my hair type. Part of my want for longer hair is out of pure laziness, to be completely honest. I am too poor and too lazy to go get a haircut, and my hair is healthy enough to not warrant one. I haven’t applied heat to my hair in years, and I’ve only ever applied heat to my hair maybe 4 times in my life. So this post serves as the start of my hair journey and if there are any other biracial girls out there that have no clue what you’re doing, you’re not alone!!


3 thoughts on “I Have Black Hair And Don’t Know What To Do With It

  1. Your hair is beautiful! If you want a laugh to share with your followers, have a quick look at my latest blog – I’ve just posted it and it’s only short because the humour is in the Gif. You may have seen it already. It really made me laugh and I thought it was a fun way it begin the afternoon. Hope it makes you chuckle! (Blog post title: Time for a Laugh)

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