“We Are The Betta Boys” – KFC

Recently, I’ve been in a podcast mood, specifically KFC Radio from Barstool Sports. It’s two dudes, KFC (Kevin) and Feits (John) and they just talk about random shit, they take voicemails from listeners, talk A LOT about sex, and it’s HILARIOUS. I firmly believe that Feits is the love of my life, so if you’re reading this wassup, HMU. This is lowkey just a plug for KFC Radio, so you’re welcome Barstool Sports. KK, moving on. 

Feits (LOML) and KFC

The latest podcast, a Friday Quickie called Beta Boys, started with a discussion about a twitter thread where a man discussed the shooting in Parkland, Florida, and how masculinity is one of the major problems plaguing our society. How boys and men are taught that masculinity is the end all be all and that when someone shatters that idea, it can turn into deep rage. Now, we’ve all seen this happen. The second you question a guy’s manhood, they get super defensive or just shut off completely. KFC and Feits call themselves The Beta Boys because they truly don’t care about how manly they may seem to other people and they don’t care if people make fun or their masculinity or lack thereof. In the waves of feminism massive movement has been made for women as far as social expectations go, but men have not made the same jumps. Women are told they can be anything they want, but the second a guy wants to be a stay at home dad or a dancer or a pastry chef, their masculinity is questioned. If a guy doesn’t like sports and know every single sports fact on the planet, they get questioned. They are told they’re not “true fans.” WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!! Feminism is about the EQUALITY of the sexes, meaning that EVERYTHING is equal, meaning that chicks can do whatever the fuck they want and that dudes can do whatever the fuck they want.

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