It’s Bracket Szn!!

It’s March, it’s been March for a while, but March Madness just started so basically March just started. Now. I know NOTHING about college basketball, nor do I want to know anything about college basketball. However, I love me a good bracket. Matt Bellasai made a bracket for the hottest male celebrity, Barstool made one for the best secondary and tertiary TV characters, there are new brackets coming out every March. I always want to be on the right side of the internet so after taking a quick twitter poll, I will be conducting a very official bracket to decide the best Late Night Song. Now, if you don’t go to Umass Lowell fraternities as frequently as I do, you’re probably thinking, “What the hell is a late night song..?” Well, let me tell you a thing about a thing. So at parties here at glorious UML, this wonderful thing happens around midnight where everyone that isn’t in Greek Life goes home and the real fun starts. This is what we call “Late Night.” And the music during late night is the BEST part. It’s not current music, it’s all early 2000’s jams, pop-punk anthems, and rock and roll classics. They’re songs that everyone knows the words to, no matter who you are.

Best Late Night Songs.png

Also, I would just like to say how difficult it is to make a bracket online. I had a word document with 32 songs, and I thought I would be able to copy and paste all the songs at once into a generator and I would get a nice and simple two-sided bracket. BUT NOPE. It has taken me almost 2 days and lot’s of trial and error to make this, and it still looks like crap, but it’s fine.  The things I do to try and go viral on the internet…

Now, if you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking, “but Sarah, how do we decide!” Well! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram that’s how we will vote! I will be posting polls for the next couple days so that we can all decide together which song is the Ultimate Late Night Jam! My Instagram is linked above!! I will be posting updated brackets on my blog and my social media so that everyone can stay up to date with who is winning! Once we get down to the Elite 8 (is that what it’s called, can you tell I’m BSing my way through this?) I’ll post a review of the top 8 songs with their music videos so stay tuned for that!


check out the winner here!

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