Late Night Song Champion!

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you know that this past week I had my followers vote to decide the best Late Night Song based on a bracket that I came up with. For more information on how that was decided and what a Late Night Song actually is please read this blog post!

It was a very close (and dramatic) race, but we finally have a winner!!Best Late Night Songs (3).png

Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly has been deemed the best Late Night Song by Popular Vote. Now if you have any complaints about that please email me at because this was all voted on and other than the actual making of the bracket (which I admittedly could have worked on a little bit better) it was my followers who decided this winner!

If you are interested in more brackets, I definitely will be doing some more, so make sure you go follow my Instagram page (which you should do regardless) for updates on when those are coming!

2 thoughts on “Late Night Song Champion!

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