“Don’t Be Sorry, Be Fierce” RPDR 10.2

STOP. If you haven’t watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 2 “PharmaRusical” and don’t want to know who went home or who was in the bottom 2, please stop reading and watch first. If you have watched, please continue on.

Spoiler Alert.png

In a world full of recaps, I’m trying to be a little bit different. So, starting today, every Friday I will be recapping the lipsyncs from each Ru Paul’s Drag Race episode! I will rank each lipsync out of 5 stars, but the stars will be related to the episode. For example, this weeks lipsync will be rated out of 5 pills, for the PharmaRusical challenge.

This week’s episode the main challenge was a lipsync extravaganza called PharmaRusical and the main stage was Best Drag. With big lipsync challenges like this one, the bottom two are pulled from the worse of the two teams, this week the bottom 2 was Eureka and Kalorie. It was the battle of the big girls.

Song Choice: 3/5 Pills

Best of My Love by The Emotions
This song is a jam, but it’s more tame of a song and it was just a little bit boring in all honesty. It won’t be memorable in the long run, but it wasn’t the worst lipsync there was.

Decision of the bottom 2: 5/5 pills
As upset as I was to see these two in the bottom, I think this was the correct bottom two. Neither queen shined in the main challenge, both forget words and had forgettable performances, however, I do think the critics of their main stage looks were misplaced. I need both of their bodysuits sent to me in my size ASAP.

Kalorie’s performance: 2/5 Pills.
Kalorie was so lackluster in this performance, it made my heart hurt. It wasn’t as heartbreaking as Valentina and the mask or Charlie standing still the entire time, but you could kind of tell the light was off and she was done. Being in the bottom two for the first two episodes has got to do something to you mentally, and you can tell in Untucked that she was beat up, she starts sobbing the second she gets backstage.

Eureka’s performance: 4/5 Pills.
I’m a little nervous for Eureka because I feel like she’s going to be in the bottom 2 a lot, but I also think she’s going to be this season’s lipsync assassin. She KILLED it with this lipsync and was rightfully told to Shantay You Stay. She was fierce and funny and she fought hard to stay in this competition.

 Kalorie’s Exit:  4/5 Pills

Kalorie may not have curbed your craving today, but just remember, carbs are friends and food.”
It was very on brand for her and also wicked funny. Drag Race is now 0 Kalaries and I’m sad about it.

Judges Reactions:
There weren’t any notable reactions from the judges this week, seeing as it wasn’t that funny of a lipsync.

Tune in next Friday for my next review!

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