Death to the One Piece

There aren’t a lot of things on this planet that I despise with all of my heart. Bananas, sweet peppers, and cigarettes are among the worst. More recently I have unearthed a new hatred. One Piece bathing suits.

You’re probably thinking, “What? They’re cute and in style! Sarah, you usually love the newest trends!” So here’s the thing, I do think they’re cute, and I do think they’re in style. I hate them because, for YEARS, I was confined to wearing either a one-piece bathing suit or a god damn tankini. Any fat girl knows that the only options were one piece bathing suits that competitive swimmers wore or weirdly printed tankinis from The Limited Too. I hate this new trend of cute one pieces because I never got to enjoy that.

I hate seeing traditional models and “normal” sized girls wearing one-piece bathing suits when they were shamed and attacked for so long. I’m not mad at the girls that decide to wear them, I’m mad at society and the fashion world for deciding that when a skinny girl wears a one piece it can be fashion, but plus size girls don’t get that. It aggravates me to no end that all of a sudden there a DOZENS of cute one pieces available at every store, and there’s still minimal made in plus sizes. The demographic of larger women is not one that likes to be ignored and one that cannot be ignored for much longer.

The only things you need for a bikini body are a bikini and a body.

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