Take Back The Night

If you live in Lowell or the surrounding area or go to Umass Lowell, you need to be attending Take Back The Night this Thursday, April 5th. Take Back The Night is one of the most powerful events that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

Me and some of my sorority sisters at last year’s Take Back The Night

“Take Back The Night represents the earliest world-wide stand against sexual violence, especially violence against women. Take Back The Night events have been documented in over 36 countries, in over 800 communities, with more locations taking a stand every year. We have reached over 30 million people with our message of strength and support, and our commitment to ending sexual violence.”

This is the 13th annual Take Back The Night in Lowell. Every year, it starts at City Hall where there is an opening rally with speakers from different organizations. From there, we march from City Hall to Umass Lowell’s University Crossing building where there is a closed door, open mic session for survivors to share their stories. As sad as the stories tend to be, it is extremely powerful to hear from survivors and how they got through it.

Why is it called Take Back The Night? Take Back The Night is just that, a day to Take Back The Night from violence and abuse. In a city such as Lowell, where violence and crime is one of the first things people think of, it is a day for us to take back the streets, to march and shout and scream and let people know that we’re not going to deal with their abuse or violence any longer.

If you have any questions, definitely reach out, either myself or some of my closest friends, who have helped to plan this year’s event, can answer any and all of your questions! I have attached the event poster including all of the times and locations if you are interested in going!


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