“Gunna remember me” RPDR 10.3

We are back back back back again hennies!!!! Okurrrrr *tongue pop* Am I a gay icon yet?

I am back again with another RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Lipsync review!! This week’s main challenge was to create a tv commercial for the newest dating apps, End of Days, Fibr, and ButtrFace (can I get a spell check??). Commerical challenges always lead to a big flop and a big laugh. The runway was feather couture, so we are appropriately rating each category with cocks! The birds you silly goose! Get your head out of the gutter!  As with the last review, spoilers lie ahead! So please don’t read if you don’t want to know who sashayed away.

Song Choice: 4/5 Cocks 
Celebrity Skin by Hole
This was the first time I had ever heard this song, so that’s part of the reason it’s not getting a full five stars from me. I usually know all of the songs that are used for lipsyncs, so it’s always sad when I can’t jam along. HOWEVER this song proved to be a rock and rollin rollercoasted of a lipsync, so it was fantastic to watch

Decision of the Bottom two: 4/5 Cocks
I totally think Yuhua and Mayhem deserved to be in the bottom, although I do think Kameron could’ve been swapped with Mayhem as well. Kameron’s runway honestly saved her chiseled ass. Yuhua’s performance this episode was so questionable, literally every choice she made I was sitting here questioning her judgment… In the words of Tatianna, “Choices.” Mayhem fell victim to the group, and had she stood up for her scene probably would not have been in the bottom. The joke about her being a catfish did not make sense whatsoever, I can think of a million and one ways to have done that joke better, and I’m not a comedian. Her outfit was as fabulous as a hot pink and black feathered gown can get, but Kameron’s gold and black ensemble just took the cake.

Mayhem’s Performance: 4/5 Cocks
She was going to get a 3/5 rating until the girl started RIPPING APART HER DRESS and throwing feathers everywhere. I. WAS. GAGGED. We’ve seen a lot of costume related lipsyncs, from wig reveals, to outfit reveals, to pearl necklaces getting destroyed on accident, but few things were as unexpected as Mayhem literally ripping feathers out of her dress. I honestly think this is what saved her from going home. It was a very close lipsync, and doing things like that makes the difference between going home and staying in the competition.

Yuhua’s Performance: 3/5 Cocks
Yuhua, from afar, was KILLING it, but the second the camera zoomed in, and you saw her goofy grin, the illusion was gone. It was a hard hitting rock song and Yuhua, for whatever reason, had this strange grin on her face, and was smiling through the entire thing. I’m not opposed to being happy or smiling during a performance, but it didn’t fit in this case. I was looking for grungy and contorted face movements, instead she was giving me her best Tyra smize. At the end of the day, she did great, but Mayhem really just one upped her when she ripped the feathers out. I genuinely will not stop talking about these feathers!!!

Judge’s Reactions: 3/5 
Whenever Carson Kressley is a guest judge, you just KNOW there are going to be some good reactions. It wasn’t his best, or most over the top, but I knew once Mayhem started ripping out those feathers it was going to pan to Carson and his jaw would be dropped, and it was. I tried to take a screengrab to post in here, but VH1 is being a lil bi*ch and not letting me watch the episode again, how rude.

Yuhua’s Exit: 4/5
“Yuhua gunna remember me”
Again, super on brand for Yuhua, and we WILL remember her. I’m sad to see her go, I was just waiting for a sewing challenge for her to slay honestly. This season has brought some fierce competitors and I just know I’m going to be sad every week.

That’s all for this week’s review, tune in next week for another lipsync review from your favorite amateur blogger!!

RPDR Season 10.jpg

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