Review: Milk Kush Mascara

The only Kush I’m smoking is this new mascara !! *pause for laughter and applause*
It’s the good Kush (mascara!!) *longer pause for even more laughter and applause*

Anyways, I was just sent this brand new mascara by Influenster and Milk Makeup. If you haven’t heard of Influenster, you need to get on it. It’s a website and app where you can review products and receive free samples (and sometimes full size products!!!) to review and post on your social media! Each box, VoxBox, comes with instructions on how to review and rate the product, and information about the product(s) themselves. This isn’t the first VoxBox that I’ve received, but it is the first one in a little while. In order to continue to receive products, you have to review products on the website or app.

Let’s get into the review!!! 

This is what the box looks like when it comes in. On the front of the box, it had simple instructions on how to review and share your thoughts!


This is the card the comes with the mascara, explaining the benefits, and again, how to share and review. This mascara is infused with CBD-rich cannabis oil that helps the fibers stick to you lashes for thickness. It claims to provide longer, thicker, lifter lashes, with high volume.

The packaging is HEFTY, she’s thicc. It’s a heavy tube that feels expensive (it retails for $24. The wand looks like your average mascara wand, I don’t really see any large differences here.

These are my lashes (right eye) before any mascara. I have very short, thin lashes, and always look for volume and length.

These are my lashes with the KUSH Mascara. It gave me the length I wanted, but not so much the volume. However, it wasn’t clumpy and didn’t give me spider lashes at all.

For comparison, I put on my FAVORITE mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex, on the right and Milk’s KUSH is on the left. Both have two coats, and I let the first coat dry slightly before putting on the second. I don’t dislike the Milk mascara, but Better Than Sex is the clear winner for me. It gives me volume AND length. You can’t tell as much in the photos, but my Better Than Sex eye is so voluminous and thick, I’m obsessed. I am running out of my BTS and I will be trying out the KUSH mascara a little bit longer before buying a new BTS, but I have a feeling I’ll be going back to BTS.

Final Review:
Over all: 4/5 Stars
Volume: meh, 3/5 stars
Lenght: Okayyyy siss! 4/5 stars
Thickness: I’m alright with it 3.9/5 stars



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