Scared To Leave

The best part of joining Greek Life is the new batch of friends that come into your life every semester. For four years, each fall and spring, new members have been initiated into not only my own sorority but the 9 other organizations on Umass Lowell’s campus, bringing me new friendships along the way. The absolute worst part of Greek Life? Leaving all those friends behind when you graduate.

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Graduating college is the single most terrifying thing that I have done in my short 22 years of life. The thought of not seeing some of my friends again is nauseating. There are certain people I know I’ll still see and talk to every day, but there are others, people that I’ve gotten close with within the last year, some within the last semester, that I’m not so sure about, and I’m scared. I haven’t really grasped the reality that is growing up yet, and I don’t really want to. People grow up, people change, people move away. Change has never been something that has really scared me, but this change is bigger than anything that I’ve ever dealt with.

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I know that I’ll be back in Lowell, I know I’ll be around my sisters, but it’s never going to be the same and I know that. Last Thursday was my last active social, and it was nothing short of crazy, and I’m going to miss the hell out of Thursday nights in Lowell. I’m honestly shocked I didn’t cry. Thursdays have been such a pivotal part of my social life during my time in college, and with my upcoming future of working 9-5 Mondays thru Fridays, I don’t think I’ll be able to experience the same sort of crazy Thursday shenanigans again. At one point this past Thursday, my friend and I were talking about my blog and how we had become friends so recently, and he said it’s going to be strange next year when my sorority goes out and my other graduating friends and I aren’t around. I probably would’ve cried right on the spot if I wasn’t in the middle of fraternity basement. As much as it hurts to leave, it makes me feel better that the people I’m leaving are just as upset as I am, it means they care just as much as I do.

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I never got a proper goodbye to most of my friends here, but I know I’ll be back. So, as cheesy as it sounds, this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later. To all my Lowell peeps, love you to DTL and back, I know that doesn’t seem far, but it seems like miles when you’re crawling home at 2am. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the incredible women and men I’ve met through my time in Greek Life. From my Alpha Omega sisters, to other members of Greek Life, to our advisors and friends in Student Activities. Greek Life has pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, to fight for causes that I believe in, to fight for my sisters and friends with all of my might. I’ve learned how to become a better leader, a better friend, and a better person because of these people. So thank you. Thank you for four years of memories, laughs, and tears. Thank you for four years of destroying frat row and Down Town Lowell.

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