Week One Of Adulting: A Recap

If you’re not aware, last week was my first week starting my brand spanking new adult job working as a Marketing Specialist for a recruiting and staffing agency. I didn’t work a full week, but I was still adulting nonetheless. I won’t be fulltime for a little bit (thank god) but in honor of this first week here is my (hopefully) comedic commentary on what it’s like to live life as an adult.

  1. Getting drinks after work is probably the best thing anyone could ever do. Especially when said drinks are margaritas, and when said margaritas are accompanied with free chips and salsa.
  2. Watching your friends go to the beach or do things other than work while you’re sitting at your desk is probably the worst cause of FOMO there is. If I ever meet a genie I will wish for it to rain between the hours of 9-5 (excluding my half hour lunch break) Monday-Friday, and only be nice on the weekends so that no one can do anything fun without me.
  3. Meal prepping is hard, but highkey necessary to avoid spending too much money on takeout from the roast beef place next door. It’s not really healthier considering the easiest option is usually pasta, BUTTTTTT it tastes good so that’s all that matters… Right??? I made zoodles once? That was healthy!!!!
  4. Going out after work can make a long day at work disappear, but also make you exhausted causing the next day at work to be significantly harder than it would’ve been if you hadn’t stayed out at until past your 9pm bedtime. It’s a vicious cycle, people.
  5. The ideal morning commute is no commute at all, but the next best commute is the town over less than 3 miles from your house.
  6. However, not having a commute has caused me to fall wildly behind in my favorite podcast, so that kind of sucks.
  7. Having money to spend and not having to worry about making it through the entire semester with a set amount of money is the BEST feeling in the world. I bought concert tickets without thinking about the price!!!! That’s the true mark of an adult right there! Either that or it’s the mark of someone who has no idea how to budget her money or plan for the future…
  8. Adulting without a car is proving to be very difficult. Working on it folks !!! I walked to the nail salon on Friday only to be told they didn’t have any availability until 5:30 (it was 12), forcing me to either walk home or go to a salon that I hate (I went to the salon that I hate).
  9. Keeping up with a blog, an 8 hour workday, and an attempted full nights sleep is also proving to be very difficult.
  10.  I love my job !! I finally found a way to get paid to post on social media !!!!!
  11. How do people do this every single week and still have a social life? I want to crawl into bed the second I get home from work and not emerge until I have to leave the next morning. Send help, please…

12. Sometimes your mom still has to make doctors appointments for you and drive you to urgent care … I woke up with a swollen eye and my mom drove me to urgent care, and then proceeded to make me a doctors appointment because I had to get to my dance recital, it was an interesting day to say the least.

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