What I Learned In Adulting Is…

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Adulting is hard. And the one thing that I’ve learned is that no one knows exactly what they’re doing 100% of the time, no matter how “adulty” they are. Everyone is faking it until they make it and you should too. Follow these simple steps to become the best fake adult there ever was!

Step 1: 
The simplest thing I can tell you is that you need to dress the part. Starting with a more adult and business casual wardrobe, as it applies, is the first step to looking like a bonafide adult. Start simple with clean clothes that don’t have holes or wrinkles. Get a steamer for easy dewrinklefying of clothes (I need to take my own advice on this one) because who the heck wants to pull out an iron and an ironing board??? Classic “adult” pieces are work pants, and to avoid paying an arm and a leg I got them from Old Navy! Pixie pants literally saved my life. I also started buying shirts that I can wear to work AND wear out on the town, dual purpose, one price!

Step 2:
Plan ahead! Keeping organized is the name of the game. I wrote a blog post for work that you can read here, where you can download two free printable planner pages! Not only do I keep a planner, but I try to plan out my week ahead of time every Sunday night. I meal prep, make sure I have clean clothes for work, and work out how I’m going to get to work with my family. Every night before work I pick out my clothes for work and pack anything I’ll need for the morning. This means I can sleep longer in the morning and if you know me, you know I like sleep!

Step 3:
Remember that you’re not the only one that’s super lost! I may appear to be grown up, but I still don’t know anything about money, I sleep in a twin sized bed, and in all seriousness Chilis is my favorite restaurant. Ask questions when you don’t know, and never be above asking for help.

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