How to Get A Flawless Foundation Base

Let me start with a huge disclaimer: even though everyone thinks I’m an expert makeup artist, I am far from it. I am constantly learning and trying new things, but I am no expert. This is what works for me, so if it doesn’t work for you, try something else! Anyways, here goes nothing.

If you’re here because of my Instagram HOLLA! If not, go check out my Instagram for a video to match this post!

Not shown in the video, I start with a primer of some sort, right now I’m using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (I got it as a free sample) and I really like it! Makes everything smooth and perfect! For this purpose, I was just filming and not going out, but I always start my makeup with some sort of SPF.

Tip #1: don’t just put foundation on a plain face. Whether it’s just moisturizer or SPF, it’ll help the foundation look better on your skin.

Next, I take a WET beauty blender (I use the Real Techniques one, but I truly recommend the name brand!) and dab it into some Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation. I’ve been digging this lately, but I also love Maybelline Fit Me, and Wet n Wild Photo Focus. Anyways, dab that all over your face until it’s even and covered

Tip #2: When using a beauty sponge, make sure you are always dabbing, not swiping or brushing ever. Swiping the sponge across your face will pick up your foundation and take it off your face, making it streaky and splotchy.

Tip #3: You want to use a beauty sponge that’s squishy when it’s wet. Don’t skimp on this. The Real Techniques sponge is great and it’s less than $10, and the Beauty Blender is honestly a true homie, I always recommend it. Well worth the price tag!

Next, I “bake” with Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder. I take a damp sponge (the same one as before) and pick up the powder and place it under my eyes. I don’t let it sit too long, just long enough to set everything. I also put it on my eyes when I do my foundation before my eyeshadow. I very rarely do my foundation first, but for some reason when I filmed this video I did. Then I take a big fluffy brush (honestly I got this one off Wish, but any big fluffy face brush will do!) and brush off the excess from under my eyes and then buff in powder all over the rest of my face.

Tip #4: Test your powder with flash by taking a selfie. HD powders can tend to flash back and give you a white cast. If you have any sort of melanin in your skin, thats a no go folks.

Time for contouring!!! I am no Kim K, but I work it.

I use Hula Bronzer by Benefit and a fluffy angled blush brush to bronze up my face. Go in 3 and E shapes on your face, hitting your forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The fluffy brush will make it blended out and less harsh. Then I use a tapered, fluffy blush brush from Elf (kind of shaped like a dome? The fluffy part is the important part) and a cool toned brown contour shade from Sephora and hit the same 3/E shape, but more concentrated right below my cheekbones.

Contouring isn’t super hard, but it takes practice to look good! Make sure you’re using colors that don’t look muddy, and aren’t too dark for your skin. Do some research on techniques on Youtube if you’re still lost.

Last but not least, HIGHLIGHTER! I use Wet N Wild Mega Glo Highlighter and my oh my it’s the best $5 I’ve ever spent. Different people like using different highlighter brushes, but right now I’m digging this one I got from Wish, it’s fluffy and rounded, but also flat? Like a giant fluffy eyeshadow brush. I hit my cheekbones and my nose, and when I post the eyeshadow video, you’ll see I put it under my eyebrows too. This highlighter is EVERYTHING

Tip #5: Make sure your highlighter matches your skin tone. If you’re paler with a more cool complexion use a frostier color. If you’re darker and warmer, use a more warm and gold toned color. Your highlighter may look bitchin’ when you’re turned, but look straight on and in low lighting and see if it leaves a grey cast, or looks muddy, both signs you should get a different shade. Highlighter is in no way one shade fits all.

Alright, folks, thank’s for attending my makeup master class! Stay tuned for my eyeshadow post and make sure you check out my Instagram for videos.

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