Everything Wrong With Sierra Burgess is A Loser

Alright, folks, some of you may not be expecting this, but I HATED Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I was really rooting for my girl Shannon Purser (Barb deserved SOOO much better), and obviously my imaginary BF Noah Centineo, but I have never been so disappointed in a movie. Sierra is a smart, plus-sized girl who doesn’t really care about what other people think and it was so refreshing until it wasn’t. Sierra Burgess is a Loser? More like Sierra Burgess is actually a very mean person and did not whatsoever deserve the happy ending that she received. The only redeeming things about this movie were Noah Centineo (obvi) and the hilarious best friend played by, RJ Cyler. Round of applause for both of them. Please review my list of all the things wrong with Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and btw, spoilers ensue, sorry not sorry.

Are you kidding me? I don’t even know why I thought this was going to be a good plot when the trailer first came out. She catfishes this poor boy to the point where SHE HAS VERONICA GO ON A DATE WITH HIM. Like are you kidding me!? This is RUDE, Nev would demolish her.

I don’t think this one is actually that mad, more so just super weird. I think my main issue is that it alludes to an unsolicited dick pic, which FYI boys, NEVER send, unsure why the male species still thinks this is okay. Anyways, yes I love me some Noah Centineo, but please don’t send me a random shirtless photo of yourself just to get my attention… Actually, Noah, if you’re reading this, do that. Please. No one else though. Moving on…

I get that the point was to make her wildly unlikeable to give Veronica some sort of sob story, but oh my god the misogyny! I could write an entire post just on this, so I’m going to stop now.

This was supposed to be innocent and comedic, but it came off as rude and offensive to me. Not only does Sierra pretend to be deaf, strike one, she PRETENDS TO SIGN by just throwing up random hand signals, strikes 2 and 3. Honestly, there were so many different ways for this to play out, pretend to be shy, lost her voice due to being sick, on vocal rest because she’s a singer, SIERRA COULD HAVE JUST LEFT DAN. This annoyed me to no end, because not only was it rude, but it wasn’t even funny… if it had been laugh out loud funny I could’ve excused it a little, but it wasn’t even chuckle funny. NEXT

Okay. Picture this the other way around. A guy does this to a girl. Skeevy and gross right?? Still skeevy and gross when a girl does it. It’s non-consensual and not cute. BYE. No amount of dramatic 80s synth music will make this scene cute for me.

DUDEEEEEE. This comment from Sierra’s mom is WILD to me. Lemme recap, after Sierra comes home hammered from a party, her parents lecture her about being out drinking, and her mom says “do you know what kind of kids go to a party and get drunk? Kids with low self-esteem.” And then her parents attack her about being drunk and ground her, which to me was a little unrealistic. I obviously know everyone’s parents are different, but from what we’ve seen, Sierra has a very good relationship with her parents and has never done ANYTHING wrong up until this point, so the anger that her dad is throwing at her seemed out of place to me.

BRUH. I know Sierra is hurt, but hacking Veronica’s Instagram account is BAD. The only people that would do that are shitty people that don’t deserve to be forgiven. At this point in the movie, I’ve been wildly turned off by Sierra, and it just kept getting worse. It was like a bad train wreck.

Are. You. Shitting. Me. This entire movie happens, Sierra does all of this shitty stuff, AND EVERYTHING IS FINE!? Sierra writes a mediocre song about being a sunflower and everyone is like yeah, okay, she’s not cover girl pretty so all is well in the world. Veronica forgives her after she nearly DESTROYED her reputation, Dan forgives her no questions asked after the Instagram hack and basically ditching him as a friend, and Jamey LOVES HER?! BRUH. We’re supposed to feel bad for Sierra when she comes home to her parents sobbing, but I honestly don’t. I don’t care what you look like or what your life is like, you don’t go around catfishing and hacking Instagram accounts and pretend it’s not your fault????????????? ALSO, her English teacher just decides that Sierra doesn’t get any punishment after she turns in an assignment that isn’t correct and on top of all that, is late?! That is NOT how school works my friend.

I had such high hopes for this movie, I honestly think it was mostly because To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was so fire, but I also knew it wouldn’t live up to that hype. I really just wanted a high school rom-com with a plus size main character.

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