There are people that exist in the world that buy used toilets from Delta Airlines

I was at work scrolling through LinkedIn and came across this Business Insider article and I honestly could not have been more annoyed.

First, of fucking all, anyone who refers to a bathroom as a lavatory needs to be put in jail. Fucking weirdo.

Second, of fucking all, I know for a fact that there is someone in the world that owns a fucking TOILET from a Delta plane. There’s no way Delta would continue to do this and continue to sell their USED toilets if people weren’t buying them. Once a month Delta has a sale out of their warehouse/museum and they sell various items like cutlery, food carts, plates and mugs, seats, propellers, fucking tail wings, and yeah, those god damn toilets. If you feel so inclined you can also buy Delta headphones, which I’m pretty sure you get for free on the flight, or the pajamas that they give people in first class. I wonder if the PJs come in Plus Sizes??

Some of these items make sense to buy. The cutlery and plates and such are so cheap that someone on a budget might want to snag these 4 for $1 forks. Or if you’re really into aviation and the history of flight these can be some cool items to add to a collection, an overhead bin might be a fun thing to own? But I absolutely cannot wrap my head around who the fuck would want to own an airplane toilet.

And yes, as promised, the lavatory toilets.

Are these aviation freaks, or toilet freaks? Or some totally different kind of freak?

The toilets only cost $50, so it’s not even like it’s a real investment, but there’s absolutely no way that an airplane toilet can connect to your house plumbing, so it’s really just an empty toilet that, let me remind you, people have used. I don’t even think you could sit on it unless you bolted it to the wall because it would be too top heavy and fall over, so it would quite literally just be a weird decoration and collector’s item. But again, people have shit in this thing. I just cannot emphasize this enough, I don’t care how many time’s it’s been cleaned, there has been poop in these toilets from people that you do not know. I really need to find out who is buying these toilets and I need to intensely interview them and follow them around for at least a month so I can understand their motives and wants in the world.

If you have any desire to purchase one of these toilets, or anything else from Delta I guess, the next sale is going to be March 8th apparently. I honestly might need to check this out. Maybe I’ll buy myself a huge ass pack of those napkins that everyone got stupidly upset about.

Image result for delta coke napkins

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