Guess Who’s Back, Back Again, Jo Bros are Back, Tell a Friend

I have been sitting on this quite literally all day.

The Jonas Brothers are coming back.

The Jonas Brothers are dropping new music tonight.

The. Jonas. Brothers. Are. Back.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe are back, BABY! Let’s fucking GO!!!!

It sounds so weird to say that they’re back together because they’re brothers and they quite literally hang out all the time? They’ve been celebrating Nick and Priyanka’s wedding for what seems like MONTHS together. But to hear that they were actually putting out music, and might be going on tour made me feel things that I haven’t felt since about 2009. The rumors have been there for the past few months. Their Instagram and Twitter were activated again, celebrity news outlets were churning out the stories. But we finally have proof. We finally have confirmation.

Now it may come to a HUGE shock to you. But I never really had a Jonas Brother’s phase. I know that’s wildly insane considering who I am and considering I wrote an emergency blog post about Nick getting married. But my Jonas Brothers fandom didn’t come until way later.

I always like them. I was always a fan. Just not as crazy as everyone else was. I don’t know all the songs by heart, I’ve never been to a concert, and I didn’t own any merch. In true me fashion, me being the nice person who always feels bad judging or making fun of people for unwarranted reasons, I used to lie and say Kevin was my favorite Jonas Brother. Why did I lie? Because he was never anyone’s favorite. Literally no ones. If you can find me someone who was a Kevin girl back in middle school I’ll give you a million god damn dollars.

I will 100% be going back to that if the Jonas Brothers become a full fledged band again. But please let it be known that Nick Jonas can call me beep me whenever he wants to reach me. I would quite literally drop everything I own for the chance to do whatever I want to Nicholas Jonas. If someone told me, “you can have sex with Nick Jonas, but I have to kill you right after,” I would say yes without even thinking about it. Your play Nick.

I can’t really pinpoint where my Jonas Brothers love started, but it did somewhere. My roommates and I rewatched their TV JONAS, both the original and the LA version and it just lit a light in me. I was back in love. I was living my Jonas Brothers fangirl life that I didn’t have in Middle School. Every weekend I made the frat houses play Burning Up before the night was over, and every night they did. Not only did they play it, but they LOVED it. Everyone loved it. Because who doesn’t love the Jonas Brothers. Find me one person who genuinly dislikes everything about the Jonas Brothers. They don’t exist. Burning Up is a BOP.


If the Jonas Brothers end up back on tour I’m genuinly scared for myself. I don’t know how much money I would spend on tickets, but I know it would probably be a lot. To get to experience drinking at a Jonas Brothers concert would quite honestly be a life changing experience. I would tell my children and grand children about it for decades. Savings account? Never heard of her. I jokingly said I would take out a loan to pay for tickets, but I honestly don’t know if I’m entirely joking.

If you need me I’ll be sitting at my desk listening to Burning Up on repeat and crying over how hot Nick looked at his wedding.

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