Readers Choice, Episode 3: The Charmer

We’re back, back, back, back again. It’s Episode 3 of Readers Choice of Celibate and the Suburbs. This one is actually from an actual couple!! I know! It’s shocking! I never talk about actual couples on my blog, they seem so elusive! Boys are so dumb, they would never be in a relationship. But not this boy!!!!!!

You can read Episode 1 Here, and Episode 2 Here!

The Charmer

The Charmer

There comes a point in every relationship where you start to feel comfortable showing your true personality and joke around whole heartedly. That’s what my good friend is dealing with here. It’s the early stages of her relationship – spoiler alert they’re still dating today – she texted her boy toy asking to see his handwriting. Now you have to know this friend to understand that this type of behavior is pretty on brand for her, but just know that from her, this isn’t that weird of a request.

As you can see his response was writing fuck you. Now, if you were in the beginning stages of a relationship, you’d think you would want to write something sweet and charming! But no, in typical “boys are kind of dumb” fashion, he went with vulgarity.  I would love to know what went through his head when he was deciding what to write. He could’ve written his name, her name, their names TOGETHER, literally any word. But, considering she’s dating him as of today, she liked him, so she probably got a good laugh out it. When she sent it she actually mentioned the word charm, which is why I titled it this. The things we let white boys get away with… god damn.

But I honestly think the only thing that would turn me off from a guy I liked would be some sort of racial slur. But if he was a black guy who wrote the n word, I’d be like damn, that’s funny. But let this be your daily reminder that if you’re not black you can’t say that shit. THANK YOU. Carry on with your day.

Something that I also think is quite hilarious and may be overlooked, is that he had to ask her how to show his handwriting. As if there was any other way to show your handwriting other than writing something down and sending a photo of it.

This one wasn’t as ridiculous, so I don’t have much more to say. I hope the happy couple is indeed happy, and I hope they read this, and I hope he’s mildly annoyed that I put him on blast, but only mildly.

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