I Watched Hulu’s New Show ‘Shrill’ and WOW

Annie is a full-figured woman who wants to change her life — but not her body; she is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent and a perfectionist boss.


Shrill dropped this past Friday and obviously, I have already finished it. But before you judge me, there are only 6 thirty minute episodes. Even if there were a million episodes each a million minutes long, this is a judge free zone. But anyways, let me tell you this show was everything that fat and terrified high school Sarah needed in her life. and Everything that fat and confident present day Sarah still needs.

Let’s first start off with the lead, Aidy Bryant. A comedy QUEEN. She’s been on SNL for a hot minute and she’s always a scene stealer. Even if she’s not talking, her reactions to things are to fucking die for. Plot of the show aside, I’m just so fucking happy Aidy was given this platform to show off her acting chops. She is so god damn fantastic in this. From the funny to the serious, she really does everything well.

So the TV show is based on a book, which I will be purchasing, and will be reading it (eventually), called ‘Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman’ by Linda West. I mean, if that ain’t me… The show tackles fatshaming, abortion stigma’s, relationships, friendships, internet trolls, and so so so much more. The fatshaming hit home for me, as to be expected.

In the first episode Aidy’s character, Annie, ends up starting a conversation with a woman who runs a work out class. The woman, toned Tanya, deadass tells Annie that she has ‘a small person inside of [her] waiting to get out.’ One of my friends was SHOOK when she saw that happen, but its something that didn’t even phase me. As a fat person, I’m told frequently that I would be prettier if I lost weight, or that I don’t have to be fat. Fatshaming is so ingrained in our culture that I don’t even bat an eyelash at it sometimes… That’s a blog for another day though. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

From the beginning of the show it’s clear that Annie wants to be different, but more so just a better version of herself. She wants to exude confidence, and be able to command attention. She knows she’s a badass and she knows she can do it, she just needs a lil push! Don’t we all?! Without spoiling anything, Annie gets her first moments of inspiration from a group of strippers and they provided Annie and me with the greatest line of all time: I have a fat ass and titties, I tell men what to do. UM HELLO YESS! FEMINISM AT IT’S FINEST! I want a tshirt with that across the chest.

Overall, 8/10 show. It’s not laugh out loud funny like I was expecting, but it absolutely has it’s moments. It’s a show that will make you think a little bit harder and love yourself a little bit more and I’m all for that.

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