On My Block is the Best Netflix Original That No One is Talking About

In honor of the season 2 premiere of On My Block on March 29th, I need to educate ya’ll on the wonders that are this show.

This has got to be one of the best Netflix Originals and NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I have two friends that have watched it, and almost no one else has even heard of it. Shame on Netflix for not promoting the FUCK out of this.

But let me tell you a thing about a thing.

Other than the one blip of hiring a white girl to play a Latina girl, this show is BROWN. There are 2 black kids (one is biracial, HELL YEAH) Jamal and Monse, and 3 latinx kids, Cesar, Ruby, and Olivia. When I say kids, I really mean kids, the first season is about their freshman year of high school, so they’re teeny tiny 14 year olds. Thankfully in real life, my boy Cesar, played by Diego Tinoco, is of age for me to lust after him.

Image result for cesar on my block

I mean, if you don’t wanna watch it just for this gif alone…

The kids all live in LA and the main focus of the first season revolves around Cesar’s gang affiliations. His older brother, Spooky, is one of the head honchos of one of the local gangs, the Santos, and by association, Cesar ends up in the gang.

The four, turned five, best friends with the addition of Olivia after the first episode, are trying to navigate falling in love, freshman year, GANGS, an urban legend about stolen money, parents getting deported, more gangs, sex, not having parental figures, and so. much. more.

Have I mentioned they’re all BROWN?!

Besides the dramatics of it, this show is so fucking hilarious. Each character brings their own sense of humor and flare to the show, and keep you laughing through even the most heartwrenching moments.

I’m not going to even pretend I’ve ever had an experience with gang violence or gun violence, shout out to Wakefield for being #White, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the plotlines. But from what I can tell it’s pretty true to real life. The gang affiliations run deeper than blood, and they will each do anything for each other.

So, before season 2 drops this weekend, binge watch the first season on Netlifx, send me your thoughts because it’s a fire fucking show. Also you can totally do this ASAP because there’s only ten 30 minute episodes. That’s only 5 hours of TV! If you get home from work say around 6pm, you can be done and asleep by midnight! No excuses ladies and gents!

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2 thoughts on “On My Block is the Best Netflix Original That No One is Talking About

  1. You’re right, this show is so under promoted… it’s one of those shows that you just stumble across when you’re lost in the “Netflix recommended” sections haha… so glad that I found it!

    I really enjoyed your post, the way you broke down the plot without giving too much away was really refreshing (makes me want to watch the whole thing again!). You’ve got a new follower!

    I reviewed the second season of OMB on my blog, definitely check it out when you get a chance! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!



    1. biracialbooty

      RIGHT! It’s so good! Season 2 was exactly what I needed in terms of the plot. This show has a magical quality where they’re able to put comedy into very serious moments without drowning out the seriousness of the situation. I will definitely be checking out your blog! Thanks for the feedback!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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