Readers Choice, Episode 4: Incest?

Hey, guess what, it’s episode 4 of Reader’s Choice and boys are still dumb!



Oh Zachary… Zack, Zack, Zack….Oh no. Why, Honey…

So if you can’t tell from the screenshot, this is from a Tinder match that someone received. I’ve seen a lot of weird opening lines, but this has got to be the worst one. Or the best? The Best Worst one.

There’s the obvious issue with this: Does this boy want to fuck his sister? I mean, what else are you supposed to guess from that. If you match with someone on Tinder and then proceed to message them, the assumption is that you find each other attractive. So therefore, but the transitive property or some shit, this guy finds his sister hot. You really can’t message a girl and say that she looks exactly like your sister and then expect anything further from this interaction.

I am 100% certain that lil Zack has watched a few too many step sister porno’s and wants to live out this fantasy but doesn’t actually have a step sister, and he can’t fuck his actual sister, so he’s just trying to find someone who LOOKS like his sister so he can live his worst life.

I was going to find other issues with this, but I think that’s it. Zack wants to fuck his sister, end of story.

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