Blogging is HARD.

Beep boop bop beep.

I’ve been at this blog thing for a little over a year now, and sometimes it comes really easy to me, and other days – today – it comes not so easy. I’m running on 0 creativity here folks. I got nothing in this big ole dumb head of my mine. There are plenty of topics I know I want to write about. There are literally a dozen drafted blogs I have right now. But I don’t feel like I can do any of them justice. I have some Reader’s Choice blogs I could write, but I’m just not in the mood?

I don’t know what to do. Life is hard. Writing is hard. I’m trying to solidify my brand over here at Biracial Booty and that shit is hard. I don’t want to just throw random ass content and topics out – which is obviously not working right now – and write more on specific things. Keeping up with Celibate and the Suburbs, and the whole biracial thing, and you know the elephant in the room that is my ass. I don’t just want to be another beauty blogger or just another lifestyle blogger. I need to be me and hopefully, people will read this because they want to learn about me. And maybe because they think I’m funny. I really hope people think I’m funny… Please validate me.

So please just leave me be while I type these random words into a post in an attempt to create some sort of content this week.

Did you like this post?  You can follow me on Twitter (@biracial_booty), I like to think I’m pretty funny and also I tweet links to my blogs the second they go live (the literal second, I have it done automatically because I’m a social media #superstar). OR you could follow me on Instagram (@biracialbooty), I post more content, including my favorite Podcasts, music, makeup, various body positive posts featuring my chunky self and some of my favorite fat babes, and so much more!

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