I Think I’m Instagram Famous Now?

The name of the game is content. And the points are likes, followers, and comments. I may have possibly just won the Super Bowl?

I posted this damn cute pic on the gram the other day that my friend Anna took of me (check out her other stuff here, she’s fucking dope).Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 7.44.12 PM.png

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do pretty well for myself on Instagram. I’m no Emily Rajahoweveryouspell it, but I’m not your mom. But I very rarely pass 200 likes on my personal insta, and barely get over 100 on my blog. But this picture blew the FUCK up!

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 7.50.05 PM.png

591 likes as of 7:54 PM on Sunday April 21st, 2019. EXCUSE ME?! Did one of you buy me a bunch of likes???? How did this shit pop the fuck off? It’s a great picture and all, but woah baby, that’s not what I expected at all. I tagged it with hashtags I use for every other post of myself, so unsure what made it click, but something did.

I posted another picture (as you can see) with all the same hashtags, so let’s see if we get the same results. I’m just trying to make money off the gram ya’ll!!!

Thanks for reading, follow me on Instagram, love you all.

Did you like this post?  You can follow me on Twitter (@biracial_booty), I like to think I’m pretty funny and also I tweet links to my blogs the second they go live (the literal second, I have it done automatically because I’m a social media #superstar). OR you could follow me on Instagram (@biracialbooty), I post more content, including my favorite Podcasts, music, makeup, various body positive posts featuring my chunky self and some of my favorite fat babes, and so much more!

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