6 Degrees of Separation – Me to Nick Jonas

I have come across the most amazing discovery in my ENTIRE LIFE. I’m not even close to being dramatic, this is fully warranted.  I have realized that I am only 4 degrees of separation away from Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Me and Nick Jonas are so much closer than I ever thought we would ever be.

The 6 degrees of separation is something I always thought was a little bullshit. There’s no way that I could just connect the dots to famous people and find myself only a few people away from them. That’s crazy! But guess what, it’s not so crazy. I, Sarah Collins Thompson, am connected to Nick Jonas.

So how am I so close to Nick Jonas? Let me tell you a thing about a thing.

My dad has a family friend, Toni,  that he grew up with that we’ve become very close with over the years. He hadn’t seen her in a while, but we reconnected when my younger brother started swimming competitively because her daughters were swimming as well. Fast forward to today and her oldest son, Adam,  married a woman named Noor Tagouri, who is an insanely cool person and you really need to check her out !!! Part of our family friendship is that each of us will randomly drop off our signature dishes on random occasions. Toni makes the best eggplant parm and knows me and my dad love it, so this year before the AFC championship one of her daughters dropped off a dish of eggplant parm. To return the favor, my dad always makes his mom’s baked macaroni and cheese, and when I went with him to drop it off, and Adam and Noor were visiting for the Super Bowl.  I’ve been a big fan of Noor for a while and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t fangirling. When I walked in the door I geeked out when I saw her and just instinctively gave her a hug. It’s as awkward as you’re imagining it, but Noor is such a cool and kind person I don’t even know if she noticed.

ANYWAYS. So I met Noor.

Noor is VERY close friends with Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham is a plus size model and activist and an overall bad bitch. This is another fangirl moment, but not what this blog is about.

Ashley Graham was in a DNCE music video for the song Toothbrush. Joe Jonas is the lead singer of DNCE.


I will say it again. Joe Jonas is brothers with Nick Jonas. I am three god damn people away from Nick Jonas. So to everyone reading this that actually knows me, you’re four people away from Nick Jonas. You’re WELCOME.

That was my big revelation. That my friends, was the best thing I have ever realized in my life. I’m so content right now.

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