The Latest with Tati and James Charles

It’s been a few days since Bye Sister dropped, 6 days to be exact. If you’re not caught up on all of the drama, you can do so here!

If you left, welcome back. If you never left, sup!

Tati just dropped ANOTHER tell all video, this time explaining to her subscribers (now at over 10 million) why she called out James in the first place. This one is a lot more somber, she cries a few times, and you can just tell she’s destroyed and she feels BAD about everything that went down. While there’s no actual tea spilled in this video, it’s more so an explanation of Tati’s side of things.

It’s not quite as long as the last video, only 18 minutes this time, but in case you don’t feel like watching it here’s the sparknotes!

  • She’s going to take a break from Youtube, she has some pre-recorded videos she’ll post, but she won’t be filming for a while
  • She truly thought she would be the one to lose the subscribers and followers, she didn’t think it would explode in the way that it has
  • Her main message is that she wants the hate to stop – on both sides.
  • She had talked to James privately over and over again but wasn’t getting through and she thought the last video would get through to him
  • She still loves James, their relationship will never be the same, but she does still care for and love him – She hopes this is the wake-up call that he needs
  • This whole thing is about her, “it’s something bigger,” she says – she doesn’t want Team Tati, she doesn’t want the subscribers, she doesn’t need them, she wants love and respect
  • She emphasizes that she didn’t do it to cancel James or to get more subscribers – if she was trying to cancel him she would be talking to media outlets and really spilling tea, but she’s not

She breaks down in this video, which is a huge difference from the cool calm and collected Tati in the first video. That’s the gist people: stop the hate on James Charles and be kind to one another.

So with that, I leave you with Tati’s words in the description box:

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 8.12.39 PM

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