I’m mnding my owwn business, scolling through twitter when I see Tati post this. I can’t figure out how to take screenshots on this stupid tablet so please deal with links for now..there also isn’t a cover photo because I can’t do that either…

Without even thinking I went to Youtube and searched up our BFF James Charles and low and behold  A FORTY MINUTES VIDEO had been uploaded. 

(again Idk how to work this wonky ass tablet so sorry this post is kind of a mess)

Since this video is 40 minutes long and James is back to talking like the energizer bunny that he is, this is basically 2 hours worth of fucking content, heres the sparknotes!!

  • James thanks Tati and Jeffree Star (who had posted some snapchats I guess?? we’re not diving into that rn)
  • He’s not asking for forgiveness or sympathy 
  • More emphasis that it’s not just about vitamins, but then he goes into DETAIL about how he came to post the Sugar Bear Hair promo — He went to Coachella weekend 1 with friends with Artists tickets (super duper exclusive, can’t be purchased) but it was ruined by a boy (THATS relatable!) He went BACK weekend 2 with VIP passes, which are less exclusive and normal people can buy those tickets, so he got mobbed QUICK. He asked Nikita for help from Sugar Bear Hair – yada yada yada, we know the rest. Still claiming no prior contract was signed and no money was given to James, just passes and security
  • he then shows some RECEIPTS showing he tried to reach out to Tati and her husband SEVERAL times the day the story was posted and days after the stories went live and said he tried to solve it provately until Tati posted the video
  • He claimes that he and Tati never talked abot him promoting Halo – meaning when Tati says that James didn’t feel comfortable promoting the vitamins to a young audience it was made up because he never said that 
  • he shows 4ish clips of him promoting Halo on his channel/social media and a tweet he sent out to support her
  • NOW he gets into the shit about his mom – idk what this is all about honestly. We’re ignoring it 
  • James says the allegations that he would manipulate anyones sexuality are disgusting and that he’d never do it – he uses the fact that he’s a virgin as proof of that 
  • The “i’m a celebrity” comment is out of context and that James and his friends use the word “famous” to  mean good – I.e. “I’m so famous!” when you take a cute pic, or if a youtube video does better than expected
  • He explains the situation with the Waiter in Seattle and it’s really just he said, he said at this point but that everything was consentual – this whole thing confuses me so much
  • He explains his immaturity due to the fact that growing up he never was able to have a real realationship due to being gay and being attracted to “straight” guys – he puts in a clip of Jeffree Star explaining how he doesn’t typically like gay men, but straight men
  • He won’t be DMing guys anymore so bodly and says he apologized to any guy who posted screenshots of his DMs
  • He does a DEEP DIVE into how there’s a double standard for Gay men who post about thirsting for straight men, but straight women can do it with no issue 


back to the programming enter Jefree Star

  • James pulls up the sceenshots of Jeffree saying that Tati, Shane Dawson and others told him that James had been bad mouthing Jeffree for a while now and James asked to talk to him in person/on the phone – he claims Jeffree never got back to him
  • the day after Tati’s video dropped (James is in Australia remember) Jeffree texted him and asked if he was going to respond and said that the stuff with Sam – the waiter – was what made Jeffree not to be friends with him. Jeffree even throws in “it was completely horrifying to see you would uses the same sentences a rapist would” OUCH
  • Jeffree mentions Zach, Jeffree’s boyfriends brother, and says zach showed him snapchats from James that were predatorial
  • James then shows a screenshot from Jeffree that says that Grayson Dolan, Zach, and Sam the waiter will all be posting videos to talk about how disgusting James was (Sam posted his already) Grayson is accusing James of molesting and touching him in his sleep 
  • James explains why his brother went home – this is minor and doesn’t really matter
  • He pulls up the Jeffree tweet that says that Nathan banned him from the house and James says this is the first time 
  • Tati, Sam the Waiter, and Jeffree have tried to get in touch to plan face to face meetings with James and James declined because since it started publicly he wanted to say his piece publicly 
  • He admits that the past few weeks have brought him to a very dark place that he doesnt know if he can get back from it 


    well the last like 5 or so minutes is him giving life updates, which I don’t care about so I can’t imagine you guys care. The main update is that he is also taking a break from Youtube and focusing on other things. 

    Do I beliebe James? No fucking clue. I will say Jeffree star is a known pot stirrir and feud starter so I can’t imagine that everything he says is truthful. Tati is known for NOT causing drama or getting herself into drama, so I can’t imagine everythign she says ISNT truthful… James, idk sis, figure your life out and go talk to these people pirvately.

    I’m sure Jeffree will post a video soon so stay tuned for a nother blog post in James V Tati V Jeffree, It’s like Rocky but with more makeup.

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