People That Don’t get Jet Lagged Can Go F*** Themselves

Live from Ireland it’s tired and cranky Sarah!!!! 

Also this blog doesn’t have a header image because I didn’t think through the fact that I can’t even use Canva on my tablet because it doesn’t have Google Chrome or Firefox… Dumbass Amazon Fire Tablet

We’ve been in the motherland for about 5 hours and I am so god damn tired I want to cry! ~this post will be litered with overdramatics~ I am someone who is neither a morning person, nor a night owl. I function best between the hours of 10am to 8pm and only those hours. I only do well during those hours after a 7-8 hours rest. Flying to another country means I certaintly can’t do that.

I just awoke from a two hour slumber and let me tell you I feel like a million bucks! I’m never usually a nap persom, I can just never get myself to fall asleep. But when time differences are involved you bet your ass your girl will nap. 

Anyone who doesn’t need to nap for at least a hour after traveling internationally can go fuck themselves. You’re not human and thats just not natural!!!!

I started this blog very very angry due to the fact that I was cranky and unsure when my next sleep would be, but I am writing you now refreshed and bedheaded. I don’t even know if I can classifty this as bedhead with my fresh haircut but whatever. Thanks for listening expect those of you that don’t get jet lagged or tired ever, you can go fuck yourself. 

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