My favorite plus size leggings

Leggins. A girl’s best friend. They’re comfy, you can work out in them, you can lounge in them, they make your butt look good. They’re great! But if you’re thick… or got a fat ass… or you’re just plain fat, it’s hard to find a good, let alone GREAT pair of leggings. I’ve rounded up all of my favorite plus size leggings for all my big girls, because we all deserve nice ass leggings. It’s not our fault Lululemon is stupid and only goes up to a size 14. Also, whomst the fuck sizes leggings the same as normal pants… Calm the fuck down Lulu. 


You’ve absolutely seen the ads, “2 pairs of leggings for $24!” You’ve seen the influencers. You know what Fabletics is. I never wanted to take the deep dive and do a VIP membership, but FUCK IT, I did. 2 pairs of leggings for $24 is WAY too hard to pass up. Even if they sucked.

From what I can understand, I can cancel my VIP membership at any time, and the “charge” is essentially just store credit that you get to buy anything from the store

As a VIP member, you are invited to visit the website between the 1st-5th of the month, so that you will be able to view our new collections. You will then have the option to make a purchase or skip in making a purchase for the month. There is no obligation to order monthly and if you skip, there will be no billing on the account. If you don’t skip the month between the 1st and the 5th, a $49.95 member credit will be added to your boutique which can be used for a future purchase.


I got two pairs!

High-waisted Solid Powerhold 7/8ths length in black in a size 2x!

High-Waisted Solid PowerHold® 7/8 - black

I LOVE these! I haven’t done anything in them yet, I just tried them on, but they felt like BUTTER on my skin. They are so soft, and just felt so NICE! They aren’t see thru and they’re BLACK. They retail for $70, but with the Fabletics VIP you can get them for $44.95. I don’t know if they’re $70 leggings (I don’t personally think ANY pair of leggings is worth more than $50) but for $45 I’ll probably be buying several more pairs. These go from an XX-Small to an XX-Large in straight size, and do 1x-3x in Plus Size! I usually wear a 2x, but can sometimes get away with a 1x or an XXL (XXL and XL are smaller than 1x and 2x!!!) depending on how stretchy the leggings are.

Editor Sarah update! I wore these leggings on my plane to Ireland and then all day the first day I was there and WOAH, I’m OBSESSED. They don’t ride down, they didn’t stretch out an insane amount, and they felt so smooth and soft on my legs.

Mila Pocket Capri in Persimmon in a size 2x

Mila Pocket Capri - Persimmon

I wore these to dance the other night and WOAH. Not only did they actually stay up for most of the night – I have yet to find a pair of leggings that won’t slip and slide at all, but these did so very very minimally – but I didn’t feel trapped or sweaty in them at all. Not gunna lie, I was dripping in sweat by the end of the night, but my legs felt cool as cucumbers! I’m OBSESSED with this color, and the pockets are so freaking nice. They’re high-waisted, but not up to your tits high-waisted, which I like, but I know not everyone is a fan of, these hit just above my belly button. These retail for $64.95 and with the VIP discount you can get them for $49.95. They also have a beautiful green/teal color and white, and I feel like I’ll be snagging both of those soon.

Popfit Clothing

Poppy w/Pockets in Grey in size XXL


Instagram made me do it. I kept seeing their ads for “free leggings just pay shipping!!” And I ignored it for a while, but then I decided to click it. The shipping was only $6!!!!! So I figured the absolute worst case scenario was that my bank account gets hacked and I lose all my money, so I risked it all and paid the $6. I got these leggings before I knew/realized that XXL is a different size than a 2X, if I buy another pair of these I might go up and get an XXL, but I love these leggings. They’re not the best for working out, they’re TIGHT, it just sucks everything in and they are HIGH-waisted. I have two issues with these leggings, the crotch is insanely low on me and I can never get them hiked up enough, and where the mesh lays on my thighs can cause some chafe issues, but we push through. These are great lounging leggings or running errands leggings. These sell for $45.50 on the website, and for the number of times I’ve worn and washed these, they are well worth that price tag. They have sizes XS to XXXL!

Old Navy

High-Rise Elevate Mesh-Panel Compression Plus-Size Leggings in Winter Wine in size 2x

High-Rise Elevate Mesh-Panel Compression Plus-Size Leggings

You know that pair of leggings that you have that you just MISS when they’re dirty or in the wash and you just cannot wear them? Those are these leggings. Every time I wear them I’m just so happy. They’re so comfortable, they stay up 99% of the time, they’re a super cute color, they’re soft, they’re trendy, they’re amazing! Old Navy is a go to for inexpensive but high quality clothes, and they always have GREAT sales. When I got these they were on sale for $10. TEN. I spent as many dollars as I have fingers on these leggings!! THAT’S A STEAL! They retail for $35.99 and I would buy them at that price in a heartbeat. They’re in plus sizes 1x-4x which is DOPE because a lot of well-known brands stop at 3x.

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