I want to drop-kick anyone who talks about their diet

Giddy the fuck up or giddy the fuck out because this is about to be a wild ride ladies and gentlemen. This is my blog and I will complain about the things that I want to complain about. Read it or leave it.

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It’s summertime, which means swimsuits and short shorts, and sundresses, and sleeveless tops, and a whole hell of a lot of diet talk. And I absolutely want to die any time someone udders the words calories, healthy, being good, or low carb. I don’t care who you are, what size you are, but if you talk about your diet or eating healthy in front of me I am most likely not listening and instead I am plotting your murder in my head.

As a professional fat chick, I’ve been listening to diet talk from anyone and everyone since as long as I can remember. I’ve quite literally been getting unsolicited diet advice since I was in elementary school so don’t mind me if I’m over it completely.  Lot’s of “are you sure you want to eat all of that?” “You don’t have to finish all that food.” or “What about a glass of water instead?”

Diet culture is the god damn bane of my existence and I will go down fighting it until my last dying breath. What the fuck even is diet culture? It’s the entire idea that revolves around fad diets, and eating “good” all with the main goal of losing weight. It absolutely runs our society, especially for women, and tells us what we should and shouldn’t be eating, and that when we finally start to see “results” we’ll be happier. It demonizes things like carbs and processed foods, grease and sugar.

*airhorn noise*

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First of fucking all. The entire point of diets is to lose weight, which just brings on the idea that you can’t be fat and being thin is better than being fat. Effectively telling all fat people that they aren’t worthy of anything until they lose weight. The second someone tells me they’re on a diet, or trying to count their calories, or watch what they eat, the absolute first thing that goes through my mind is, “oh they just don’t want to look like me.” People are so scared of being fat, they literally give up eating foods that they enjoy to avoid it. I’m sorry but I’ll take french fries and my cellulite ass over kale and keto any god damn day.

“But Sarah, it’s for health reasons! Don’t you want to be healthy!?”

Bro… Are you my doctor? I am fucking healthy. Maybe eating an entire box of Reeses Puffs isn’t the best choice, but neither is having sex with your ex and some of yall love to do that.

Also, the idea that everyone needs to be healthy is ableism, soooooooo go suck a dick… 

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Even beyond all of this, I’ve spent my entire life listening to diet talk and being told to lose weight, I’m done. I don’t want to hear about how you’re counting calories. I don’t want to hear about this new pizza substitute made out of cauliflower and kale. I. Don’t. Care. When I hear my skinny friends talk about how they have to eat better and go to the gym, I revert back to before I loved myself and get so insecure and in my head. Maybe I should lose weight. Maybe I would be better if I was smaller. Maybe guys would like me more if I lost weight. And then I remember how much I love potatoes and how much I hate kale, and how fucking dope I am and I snap out of it. But every single time it comes up, I love myself less. Diet talk unearths this insane amount of self-loathing that I’ve had to bury down for my entire adult life.

You’re allowed to set boundaries with people. It doesn’t make you rude, it doesn’t make you a bad friend. Set boundaries so you can be a BETTER friend. To all of my friends reading this, in the kindest way possible, please don’t fucking talk to me about diets. I’m over it. So, so, so over it. Love you, but no.

Thank you, kindly.

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