My 5-year High School Reunion Has Been Scheduled and IDK How To Feel

There is nothing that can prepare you for the idle and awkward conversation that ensues when you unintentionally run into someone from high school post grad. Do you go out of your way to say hi? Do you run and hide? Do you ask them about their life? Do you brag about your accomplishments? Do you lie? I’ve been asking myself these questions since June 2014 when I graduated high school.

Are you good at math? It’s been five years since my high school graduation, which means my five year reunion is this year, which means I will be intentionally forcing myself to see people I graduated with. Oh boy.

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My post high school life has been a little different than a lot of people I know. I have A LOT of friends from high school still, I’m very close with several different groups of people, partly because we lost one of our friends, partly because we live close to each other, partly because we’re good for each other. But don’t get it twisted, your girl didn’t peak in high school, and your girl isn’t stuck in high school.

I didn’t hate high school, but I didn’t love it, and you could not pay me any amount of money to go back in time and relive it. I was stressed out 24/7, torn between friend groups, and I hated my body and my personality. Wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for your girl. I liked sports and dance, I liked my friends. I still hang out with my sports friends, I still dance, I still have the same friends (mostly). High School is just a little blip in my past that I look back at with rose colored glasses, fully knowing it fucking sucked.

I can’t even begin to explain the sheer panic that I felt when I got a notification saying that WHS Class of 2014 followed me on Instagram. I knew exactly what it was for. Nothing can really prepare you for that moment. Call me dramatic, but I am, so deal with it.

The five year reunion is weird because people aren’t that different since you’ve last seen them. The bitches are still bitches and your friends are still your friends, for the most part. I still see everyone I want to see from high school, hell, I still see everyone I don’t want to see from high school, I don’t need a reunion to bring us all together. It’s a small ass town, it’s not easy to miss people. I hate-follow people on Instagram and Twitter, and if I don’t follow them, someone I’m friends with does, and they can update me. I graduated with a little over 200 kids and most of them are still relevant. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

There’s no one that I’m necessarily excited to see at this. Shocking to probably everyone, there’s no guy that I crushed on for four years that I’m excited to see again. I liked boys in high school, but they were mostly older. I liked a few in my grade, but I either got over it, or they got ugly. With social media at everyone’s fingertips, I know who glowed up… and who didn’t. One of the people with the most impressive glow ups not only has a girlfriend but has also moved so far past high school that I don’t think he’d touch the reunion with a ten-foot pole. But I guess we’ll find out in November?

I like to think I had a glow up. I at least dress better and carry myself with about a zillion times more confidence, even if I look almost the same. My makeup skills have improved by about 1000%. Not sure if everyone else around me would consider that a glow up or not. ??????


In reality, I got a better hair cut and stopped doing the duck face in selfies… I look the same Jesus Christ. 

T-minus 4 months or something like that until the dreaded day, so I guess I’ll be keeping you updated. Who knows what will happen.

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