Why I, A (half) Black Female, Am A Fan Of Barstool Sports – A Goddamn Essay

While I am a huge stoolie, and it’s no secret that I hope to one day work at Barstool, this blog isn’t about trying to get you to be a fan, it’s about you understanding why I’m a fan. I get asked about why and how I can support “a company like Barstool” on a daily basis. With the most recent debacle with Dave Portnoy’s, “if my employees try to unionize, I will fire them” take, more and more people are confused as to why I support a company who’s leader is kind of a crazy person.

I’ve lived in Boston for my entire life, and I’m a millennial, I’ve always known, to some extent, about Barstool. But to me, before I really dove headfirst into their content, all they were was an Instagram account that posted pictures of pretty, skinny girls, and drunk college students doing drunk college student things. Oh, and their faithful leader, El Pres, posted pizza reviews all the time. It wasn’t really until deflategate, that I understood a little bit more about what Barstool was about. But even then, I never took them seriously and didn’t consume any content other than said Instagram posts of drunk college kids doing drunk college kid things.

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Fast forward to September 2017. The Patriots had just lost their first game of the season to the Kansas City Chiefs at home. It was kind of a disaster. After the game ended, about a million people sent me a Twitter video of a cute white guy wearing a Goodell clown shirt saying the loss didn’t mean jack shit and Chiefs fans can enjoy their Heirlooms [tomates] because when they come back to Gillette in January, their asses are DONE. That cute white guy was John Henry Feitelberg of one Barstool Sports.

Because of Feit’s video, I started listening to KFC Radio, and from there I was listening and consuming any and all Barstool content that I could get. They weren’t just an Instagram account that posts videos of drunk people, they were a full fledged media company, putting an emphasis on making people laugh.

Everything that I enjoy from Barstool, from their personalities to their radio shows, makes me laugh. They will make content out of literally anything, and they will make it funny. Recently they brought on a new content creator, Brandon Walker, and one of their current employees, Marty Mush, went down to Mississippi and helped Brandon move to New Jersey, documenting the entire trip. It was hilarious. Marty is a big lovable idiot, and Brandon is a funny southern dad, and the unlikely pair had me in tears laughing. It’s this kind of stuff that I love from them. They take normal and mundane things, like moving across the country, and make them not just funny, but hilarious.

“But how can you support Dave Portnoy?” “Dave is a bully.” “How can you like someone like Portnoy.”

First of all, there are PLENTY of brands that people support where the CEO is trash. Sis, you just posted an Instagram story of your Chic-Fil-A and their CEO is notably homophobic. So please retract that argument.

And yeah, Dave is a bully on the internet, but from all accounts from his employees, even himself, he’s mostly putting on a show. He cares about this brand and has worked his entire life to make it what it is, he isn’t going to let anyone walk all over him. He’s a social media genius and someone who I look up to in terms of a content creator. He knows what’s funny, he knows how to get people talking, and he knows what will get clicks and views, even if it’s controversial.

Something that I respect so much of Dave is his ability to be real and actually speak his mind. He will say whatever he thinks no matter what. You don’t have to support his takes, but I respect his ability to truly speak his mind. Not many people do that. I don’t do it for sure. I’m nervous any time I post something because of how people are going to react, and I don’t post certain things because of it.

“But the smoke shows are so sexist!” 

This isn’t something I love about Barstool, but I don’t have to love everything about a brand to be a fan. I don’t follow the Smokeshow accounts because I don’t want to. Also, all the girls on that account sent in their pictures to be featured. They want to be featured because they know they’ll get followers, which will get them money, or maybe even a modeling job. Gotta respect the grind.

“They’re all misogynist frat boys!” 

I mean, that’s just incorrect? I can totally understand why someone would think that based off of the videos and tweets that come from the main Barstool Account, or the affiliated accounts such as Old Row, but that’s not how the company actually is. There are several women that work there, as well as a female CEO, and basically, all of their executives are females. They all love it there. Yeah, there’s for sure a lack of diversity, but, speaking it into existence, your girl will add in some flavor. They hire funny and talented people, and black people are hilarious, so it really is just a matter of time before they’re overrun by black people.

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At the end of the day, if you didn’t think Barstool was funny before, you’re not going to now. But if you only thought of them as videos of frat boys acting a fool, check out the site before you go pointing fingers. Their actual content has nothing to do with that, for the most part. They have podcasts for literally every topic. Golf, Sex, College Football, Baseball, General Sports, popculture, fashion, nerdy comic book stuff, literally everything. If you’re not into podcasts, they have a blog you’d find funny, as well as about a million different types of video content. From funny internet takes to personal funny stories, they post nearly 100 blogs a day, and a bunch of videos too. You’re going to find something you like, and probably something you don’t, but you don’t have to like everything on the internet.

Again, this post wasn’t me trying to shove Barstool down your throats or to suck Barstool’s dick, but if you came out with a changed perspective and are end up becoming a fan, you’re welcome. I genuinely get asked about why I’m a stoolie so often and knew it would be easier to just write everything down. Barstool is polarizing. A lot of people hate them. Maybe for a good reason, maybe not. I for one, am currently a fan, and will probably remain a fan for a long time. They have made me laugh more times than I can count and helped me get through a lot of bad shit in my life.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk

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