I’m (basically) Tik Tok Famous

Step aside folks, I’m famous. I’m fucking Tik Tok royalty and I’m proud to be here (kind of).

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I’ve been secretly posting on Tik Tok for a few months now, slowly gaining followers, watching my views and likes go up and up. And not telling anyone I know because I was so god damn embarrassed. I mean this is an app for children. I watched approximately 6 million middle schoolers creating Tik Toks in the Halloween section of Target the other day. I shouldn’t be on this app. But yet… Here I am.


I promised a group of friends that I would expose myself if I ever hit ten thousand (10,000) followers. You guessed it. It happened. I’ve always wanted a big social media following, who knew it would be on Tik Tok of all apps…

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So here I am, exposing myself. Full frontal nudity. To all 3 of my readers. (Jk I’m fully aware at least 4 people read this blog).

I, Sarah Collins Thompson, am a Tik Tok creator. Follow me @Biracialbooty

I mean, how no one guessed my username is beyond me, all of my social media handles are some form of Biracial Booty. I’m predictable as FUCK.

In honor of hitting 10k followers, I shall share with you all of my most “viral” videos from my account. I basically just picked all the videos that were over ten thousand views, which is a lot more than I really expected. Please please please be aware that I hate myself so fucking much for every single one of these videos and for every single video that I have ever put on Tik Tok. I just… I don’t know, I’m a fucking weirdo. Deal with it.

Starting with the video that pushed me over the 10 thousand follower mark: 

There’s a wonderful trend on Tik Tok where people show themselves getting ready for Homecoming – HOCO if you will – and it’s so cute seeing everyone glow the fuck up. So OBVI I had to do my own adult version with a baddie outfit I’ve been wanting to wear out.

Enjoy this wholesome video of my dad laughing (very hard) at a scene in Secret Life of Pets 2

I mean, could my dad be any cuter? This video is just pure JOY. He absolutely loved this movie.

Another transformation video, I might be a catfish? Unsure?


Idk man, I just look fucking cute. I was getting ready to go out and legitimately thought to myself, “Sarah, you should make a Tik Tok while you get ready.” And that’s exactly what I did.


This video popped the FUCK off for reasons unknown to me. Racking up 111 THOUSAND views and 13 thousand likes. I mean? What? I lipsync the words wrong! How does this have that many likes?! I’m really mad at myself for saying the words wrong… It’s just so embarrassing, I should know this!

This is still important.

My Tik Tok life is completely separate from my real life. I need you to basically ignore that I’m writing this blog post and pretend that you never read it. Tik Tok me is not the real me. I repeat: Tik Tok me is NOT the real me. I’m a whore for attention on Tik Tok. Wait. I’m a whore for attention in real life too… Shit. Fuck.

Still a whore for attention…

No comment tbh.

I stand by this.

I might be a catfish, but I still look damn CUTE without makeup. I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise. I don’t NEED makeup, I just LIKE makeup. Which is really just a massive flex by me. I have TWO pretty faces, not just one.

This is just my brand. Aggressively singing to Lizzo.

The caption on this was: “POV: you see me at a party after you left me on read.” Which, while very fun and quirky, would never actually happen in real life. In real life I would do absolutely nothing. I’ve never approached or tried to contact someone who ghosted me. Nor do I have the balls to ever do it.

This outfit was indeed a success. 

I mean bro, I look fucking CUTEEEE. This was a fucking FIT. I wish my boobs were perkier and had more cleavage, but whatever, I still pull this off.

Do I look like a frat boy? Yes. Do I look cute? Also yes.

I’m ready to darty!!!!!! I just need a snapback, some White Claws and some sunglasses with the little attachment so they don’t fall off my head.

My first ever “viral” Tik Tok. We’ve come a long way folks. 

When I first started watching videos on Tik Tok, there was this HUGE trend of “E-girls” (don’t ask me what that means, I still don’t know) that wore makeup like this, and obviously, I got bored and tried it.

I hope you enjoyed me embarrassing myself. Please come back again because I will inevitably embarrass myself several more times. I’m still banned from Tinder in case anyone wanted that update on my life. Also still single. Nothing new really.

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