How to be confident in 5 easy steps even if you f**king hate yourself

What’s up my home skillets! It’s a new year which means resolutions that no one will be sticking to. But, I have a foolproof plan for you to stick to the one and only resolution you will ever need: Be Confident. I’m the self-declared queen of confidence so why the fuck wouldn’t I give you some tips to fix your life?? Even if you hate everything about yourself, you too can be confident with this five-step method! In 2020 we’re admitting that we’re hot and we’re gunna be the baddest bitches at the function.

Unfollow anyone you find yourself comparing yourself to on Instagram

Or mute them. But I’m deadass, just get rid of this shit! One of the biggest reason girls aren’t confident is because we spend all of our time comparing ourselves to others, can’t do that if you don’t see them! Unfollow Instagram models, famous people, that one popular girl from your high school, get rid of it all! If you hate follow someone you should for sure just unfollow them and call it a day. The less “perfect” people you follow, the less need to be “perfect” you’ll be. While we’re at it, stop fucking over editing your pictures. Filters and a lil grain, maybe a lil dust filter is whatever, but changing the shape of your face, or whitening your teeth will only make you more self conscious. You’re going to see the photos and then see yourself in the mirror and get confused by why you don’t look that perfect in real life. Stop it, stop it right now, you’re wicked hot regardless of how many chins you have or pimples on your face.

Follow more people that look like you

Don’t take this so literal. I’m not saying go find your twins, but if they exist, follow the shit out of them. Follow people that have the same body type as you. That show that they have flaws, that don’t try to make their Instagram feed into perfect cookie cutter life. Plus size models are your friend if you’re fat, follow the FUCK out of them. Even if you’re not fat, follow them anyways. The bigger the variety of body shapes and sizes you follow the more comfortable you’ll get with how you look.

Spend more time naked

This sounds so incredibly dumb, but hear me the fuck out. After you shower, just sit in a towel, or put on underwear and a bra, and just CHILL. Or if you can, sit legit naked, but lord knows roommates and family members can throw a wrench in this plan quickly. Get cute underwear and a nice lil robe or sumthin and just wear it and take some pics! They don’t need to go anywhere but the My Eyes Only folder in Snapchat, but if you hate your body, the more you look at it and see it the more normal it becomes. Your stretch marks, cellulite, belly pudge, all that will become normal.

Stop waiting to do things, just do it

Fake it til you make it babbyyyyy! Buy a bikini and put it on in the comfort of your own room, post that cute selfie on Insta, idk man, whatever it is, just fucking do it. If it’s not going to hurt you or anyone else, who the fuck cares? You putting on a bikini without going to the gym is not going to the end world, it won’t even be close to the end of the world. How many times has not wanting to put on a bathing suit stopped you from enjoying a pool or beach day? Your friends aren’t gunna care what you look like in a bathing suit! And if they do, you need new friends and I’m officially inviting you to be one of mine, but real friends don’t do that shit.

Find something new you LIKE about yourself every day

I don’t care how little it is, find one, deadass just one, thing you like about yourself every day. Do your eyebrows look good? Good hair day? Like your outfit? Cute shoes? ANYTHING! Yesterday I really liked my nose piercings, I think it compliments my personality and my face so well. Today, big fan of my blonde hair. Both are very very small things, but they make me happy! Don’t think too much about it, don’t talk yourself out of it, just boom, a compliment.

Look at that, five easy steps to be one confident mother fucker! Lets, and I cannot emphasize enough, fucking GO. 2020 is your fucking year, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise !!!

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3 thoughts on “How to be confident in 5 easy steps even if you f**king hate yourself

  1. S.S. Mitchell

    This is great advice! You’re spot on with the ‘follow more people who look like you’ advice. I did this when I went natural and realised I needed to stop looking at 3c curl pattern tutorials- never looked back. I’m embracing me!


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