This Disney Meme Makes No Sense, Scar Is Not Worth Crying Over!

I’m a frequent flyer of Instagram’s discover page. It’s usually where I spend most of my time on Instagram. It’s filled with dance videos, memes, celebrities, nail and makeup videos, and all the other things I love. Today as I was scrolling through and came across this Disney meme, graphic situation, and it just struck me as odd.


At first glance, it seems like a wholesome, mildly depressing, image of the famous Disney deaths, deaths that made us cry as children and still make us cry as adults. But upon further review Scar and Ariel are in there?

I did some Googling and I have come to realize that it’s not Ariel, it’s her mom, Queen Athena, who does in fact die. But she’s not in the original Little Mermaid so I could not give less of a fuck.

Scar though, why the fuck is Scar in this? He does die at the end of the Lion King but he’s the villain! Everyone else in this was some sort of hero, or someone to root for, someone to be sad about when they die. Scar was quite literally the worst! He murdered his brother and tried to murder his nephew on several separate occasions. What the actual fuck? I’m not an expert on the Lion King universe and I don’t remember the plot of The Lion King II other than the fact that it’s about incest, but from what I know, Scar never had a redemption arc. From minute one he’s on-screen he’s a fucking sociopath trying to gain power over his brother, and when he does become the leader he destroys everything. What a fucking lunatic.

I did not cry when Scar died, and I will not feel bad for this homicidal lion who’s son get’s into an incestuous relationship with his fucking first cousin once removed. They could’ve put Bambi’s mom, Ray from The Princess and the Frog, Nemo’s mom, Kerchak from Tarzan! There’s no shortage of depressing Disney deaths to chose from.

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