How To Start A Blog: By A Blogger Who Doesn’t Know What She’s Doing

A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, ask me this question on a daily basis. They ask me how much time I put into my blog, how I come up with ideas, if I make any money, how I set up my site, what sites to use, etc, etc. And you know what, I’m just going to answer all of those questions here for you now because why the fuck not!

Most of you know me as Biracial Booty, but I’ve actually been blogging for a long fucking time. I started with a personal blog back in my sophomore year of college, I don’t even know what the name of it was, but it was fucking TERRIBLE, I was trying to be some sort of beauty blogger, but I’m just not that. I know a lot of people tell me I should be a beauty blogger, but I’m really not as knowledgable as you think I am, and it can be a terribly boring subject. Then, I wrote for Odyssey Online, and those were okay, but still pretty fucking terrible. But then, I started Biracial Booty, and it’s not so terrible over here. Or at least I like to think it’s not. I have the analytics to prove at least 4 people read my blogs every day. Shout out to you guys.

But how did I end up not so terrible???? Let me tell you, I stopped trying to write what I thought people would want to read, and more so write what I wanted to write! Yeah, it won’t relate to everyone, but it’s a lot more fun to read something when you can tell the person writing it enjoyed writing it. Think about college or high school papers, the papers you did best on were ones you were interested in, not ones when you hated the subject or the class. That’s the gist. Write about what makes YOU happy. Yeah, I’m sitting here trying to get popular every damn day, but how the FUCK am I supposed to get people to read my blogs if I don’t even want to write my blogs!? Ya feel?!

I’ll go into some further tips and tricks below, but truly truly truly if you do anything, just write about what you like. Are you into cars? music? vegan recipes? There’s a reason people say to write what you know.

How much time do you spend on a blog?

Depending on the blog 20-30 minutes, usually closer to 20. But if it’s something longer, or requires research, it will be closer to 30-40 minutes. If I have a topic on the brain I can honestly bang one out in about 15 minutes, including the time it takes to make the graphic for the header and think of a title. The more you write, the quicker this becomes. I personally don’t edit shit, I’ve never liked proofreading, and I think it gives my blogs character. That’s a lie, I’m just lazy. Download Grammarly to help with basic spelling and grammar mistakes! It’ll even correct you’re/your there/their/ they’re!!!!!!!

How do you come up with topics and ideas?

Sometimes I think about them myself, I talk to myself a lot, so things just naturally come up in conversation. I’m not joking, I’m aware I’m a fucking weirdo. But whenever I’m driving by myself I will legit just sit and talk to literally no one. Other times, I’ll get topics while scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, even Tik Tok. A lot of times, I’ll tweet something, see it got a few likes or replies, and then delve deeper. Celibate and the Suburbs just comes out of pure frustration of the male race. Again, just write what you know and write about what you want to write about, and topics will come naturally, I SWEAR!

Do you make any money off your site?

Not currently! But you can for sure make money from blogging. I don’t write nearly enough or have a large enough audience to make any money currently, but the more readers you accumulate the easier it is to start making that coin.

What do you use to blog?

I use WordPress! I highly recommend it. There are a million blogging sites out there, but for me, WordPress was the easiest to navigate, the easiest to edit, and had the clearest and concise options for payment (yes I pay for my blog.)

Do you pay for your blog?

I do, but you don’t necessarily have to. If you want your own domain (aka your website name) you will have to purchase the domain and pay for the premium version of whatever blogging site you chose. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll remember I used to be, and you’ve probably seen other blogs like that around, but now I’m strictly! I own the domain and can do whatever I please with it. I pay around $100 a year, once a year for the premium version of WordPress, and $15 a year for my domain. Which for me, is worth it. Yes, it’s a sunk cost, I make absolutely none of it back. But if this thing ever takes off, or if I want to create a fullfledged website, I will need that domain to do so.

How do I start?

The short version: pick a name, pick the first topic, write, post it, promote it on social media. 

I’m not going to sit here and tell you writing a blog is as easy as 1 2 3 4, but it’s pretty dang close. If you know how to write, that part is easy. if you have any sort of ability to be funny or smart, the blog topics and writing is going to be so incredibly easy. The name can be tricky, Biracial Booty came to me in a shower thought if we’re being honest. You want short, sweet, and different. Puns work great, alliteration is FANTASTIC. From there, just commit to it. If you want to write weekly, set a day where you sit down and write a blog. Want to write daily? Set an alarm and write something no matter what. The more you write the better you’ll get at it, and the more you’ll learn.

If you’re looking to start a blog, I really hope this helps you. If you have any more questions please feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter or Instagram!!! Good fucking luck ladies and gents.

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