I Tried To Label A Map Of The US From Memory…

In the spirit of this election, and how funny I think this tweet is:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.49.49 PM

Why not do something ~patriotic~ for today’s blog! And by patriotic, I really just mean idiotic… I tried to label a blank map of the United States from memory. It honestly didn’t go as poorly as I thought it would! I only really fucked up the middle chunks, which, if you don’t live there, anyone would fuck up.


The states in red are the ones I got wrong. 43/50 isn’t bad! That’s 86%, that’s a B, even a B+ on some grading scales! I’m content with that score. I’m truly shocked I even did this well in the first place… I for sure thought I had fucked up every single state between Nevada and the Mississippi River. Although, I was almost certain Indiana and Illinois were flipped, but whatever, clearly I’m not a geologist. Geologist is NOT the word I was looking for there… Geographer is what I was looking for. Jesus Christ, 12 years of public school got me somewhere in life, huh?

The East Coast was relatively easy, I almost fucked up Vermont and New Hampshire but then thought about it for 1 second longer and realized how dumb that was considering I live in eastern MA and I’m only 30+ minutes away from the NH border. West Coast wasn’t as easy, but for some reason I knew Idaho was shaped that way, and California is a gimme. I forgot the name of Nevada, I almost labeled it as Las Vegas, but same difference right?

Texas, Hawaii, and Alaska are just 100% gimme states.

The rest was completely a guess. I wrote down all the states and just plopped there where seemed right.

This was kinda fun, a lot stupid, and made me realize how little I care about the midwest… So sorry folks. East Coast bias.

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