That One Scene From Marriage Story But Its Mickey and Goofy

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve seen that one scene from Marriage Story with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson ripping each other a new one, and you probably thought “this is dumb.” Or at least, I thought it was dumb. Until I ran into this version. There are few better feelings than playing a video, with zero expectations, and it ends up being one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen. I was sitting in my car genuinely laughing at this video, and it just kept getting funnier.

I don’t even know why I clicked on the video in the first place. I think I knew deep down that this had to be a joke, it wouldn’t have shown up on my timeline if it was a serious tweet. I mean, it kind of is serious. Because the guy Brock Baker that did the voices abso-fucking-lutely deserves a fucking Oscar for this performance. For replacing ‘fuck’ with ‘hyuck,’ for his skill of matching Mickey and Goofy’s voices, for even just the fact that he made this video. Give him a god damn award.

The second I opened the video and heard “Mickey’s” voice I was hooked, and then I heard Goofy as Adam Driver and I absolutely lost my shit. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the line “You shouldn’t be upset that I hyucked her, you should be upset that I had a LAUGH with her!”

I just cannot fathom how someone wouldn’t think this wasn’t the funniest video on the internet right now. Will there be something funnier, probably, but for right now, at this moment, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever fucking seen. I’ve watched it no less than 10 times since I first saw the tweet.

I beg of you, watch this video. Please, please, please watch this fucking video. I need Brock Baker to record the entire movie so I can watch Mickey and Goofy fall in and out of love. I mean, that’s just fucking amazing. Someone talented please draw Mickey and Goofy in this scene, I beg of you.

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