What’s The Dumbest Thing You’ve Pretended To Like For A Boy?

We’ve all been there, we’ve had crushes that totally made us just change our personalities and likes and dislikes. I would bet my money that every single straight girl has pretended to like something incredibly dumb and off-brand for them in an attempt to like a boy. Sports, music, cars, there’s something that you’ve spent an absurd amount of time googling and learning about just in the off chance he’d bring it up in conversation and you’d be able to talk about it with him. Mine was Jimi Hendrix.

I kind of forgot about this considering it was practically 10 years ago, but my boss was talking about how he was performing The National Anthem at his son’s swim meet on electric guitar, so I obviously dropped a Jimi Hendrix reference. Considering I’m 23 and not a rock fan at all, this is not a fact that I should have really known, but thanks to my 8th grade crush, I know an abundantly stupid amount of information about Jimi Hendrix. I used to post on Facebook, back when that was cool, random lyrics to his songs in the HOPES that he would see it and respond to it. I mean, it was just peak pathetic. I doodled “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” about a million and seven times in my notebooks. I (illegally) downloaded every single god damn Jimi Hendrix song I could find on Youtube and put them on my Mp3 player – yes kids, I had an Mp3 player in 8th grade, not an iPod.

The more I think about this the more embarrassing it becomes, especially when I look back at who the boy was… I was fucking pathetic. But I know you people did shit like this too. What sports team did you pretend to love, who’s music did you listen to not stop, what hobby did you pick up all in the name of love? Let me know, please. So I can feel better about myself.


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