We Need To Talk About The TATB: PS I Still Love You Soundtrack


The first movie brought us some bops, Human Right by The Strike and I Like Me Better by Lauv (shout out Schnitt Talk), but who knew PS I Still Love You was just as fantastic.

Nobody Compares To You Gryffin ft Katie Pearlman

This is the song in the trailer, and the second I heard it I was obsessed. It’s the I Like You Better of this movie and really just sums up the vibe so god damn well. It’s kinda gloomy somehow, but also a certified bop.

I Can’t Believe by CYN

I’m fucking JAMMING to this. I love how the songs in these movies are all very poppy but not your typical pop radio hit. They’re different and don’t feel overly cheesy, which is great because these movies are already overly cheesy and I didn’t need overly cheesy background music to go with it.

You’re Mine By Lola Marsh

This one is a little less my style, but I can see people jamming out to this.

Lovers by Anna of the North

This one if from the OG TATB, it’s during the hot tub scene, but it plays in PS I Still Love You so I’m counting it. It fucking slaps. It’s sexy in a PG-13 sort of way.

Age of Consent by Cayetena 

This song just feels so on brand for Lara Jean and this movie, I fucking LOVE it.

Kill This Love By Black Pink

Kpop in a movie about a half Korean girl? I’d be pissed if they didn’t include it. This song SLAPS. The kind of song you have to play on full volume every single time you listen to it. It’s a BANGER. Pce luv BLACKPINK.

Moral of The Story by Ashe

This song fits the accompanying scene so perfectly it made my heart hurt.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt, And Sasha Sloan

What a fucking stellar cover of this song. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is such an iconic song, it’s hard to top, but this version is so god damn pretty. It both makes me want to cry and dance? I’m not entirely sure how that works.

Crashing By Illenium

I mean, just stellar, absolutely stellar. A great song for the crescendo of the movie. I think I’m a certified movie critic after this blog honestly.

About Love by Marina

This is such a great song to end the movie on. We’re choosing to ignore the fact that Peter and Lara Jean are literally floating away during this scene… But what can you do, it’s a good song regardless.

Stay tuned tomorrow for The Official TATB: PS I Still Love You Drinking Game!!

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