There’s No High Like The High Of Watching Your Middle School Crush Sign Onto AIM

Where are my twenty-somethings? Stand up and say it loud and proud. I’m here to reminisce about one of the absolute BEST parts of middle school: when your crush signed onto AIM.

If your middle school experience wasn’t absolutely run by AIM then we really don’t have a lot in common. My friends and I lived and died by AIM. Making our away messages cryptic and thought-provoking, perfectly curating quotes for our profiles, and chatting all day every day in chatrooms. While all this was happening, there truly was no better feeling than when your crush finally logged in.

This experience may vary from person to person, but if you went to a smaller school like I did, then you probably were friends with a large majority of your class on AIM, meaning, I was friends with my crush on AIM. Did I ever talk to any of them, absolutely not, but got a huge surge of butterflies every time any of them signed on. Just the SLIGHT possibility that they might message me and confess their undying love to me had me giddy.

Image result for middle school crush gif

I’ve been chasing that high since the end of AIM and I didn’t even know it. Like truly, it made me such a mess of nerves and happiness, even if I was just added to a chatroom with them, not any sort of individual messaging. It was thrilling honestly. At any moment they could ask you a question, or think something you said was laugh out loud funny. Having a crush is such a detrimental, yet wonderful experience honestly, especially in middle school. It just consumes your entire life and creates incredible highs and lows. Highs when he catches your eye across the cafeteria, or he asks to borrow a pencil. Lows when he’s absent from school or when you find out he likes someone else. A riveting experience, honestly.

You really can’t get the same rush that is seeing your crush online anymore. I’ve pulled together this list of equivalents, but they aren’t even equivalents, it’s just not the same.

  • When he watches your snap or Insta story
  • When he likes your hot Insta pic
  • When he likes your hilariously funny tweet
  • When you see him out at the bar

We’ll never be able to live that same way again honestly. AIM was such a great time, and it’s over. Why did we have to grow up? I want to go back to the days where I exclusively went by xoDanceChicx14 and spent my days putting my friend’s initials in my bio with only the best Taylor Swift lyrics. What a fantastic time to be alive. Kids these days will never understand. We were living the god damn DREAM.

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