Stop Asking Me Where I’m From Or What My Nationality Is

If I had $1 for every person that asked me what my nationality was or where I was from, I could fucking retire. Every single brown and black person understands the excruciating pain that is being asked this idiotic and racist microaggressive question. Yes, I’m calling it racist, because guess what fuckers, you aren’t asking this to god damn white people the same way you are POC.

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I’ve had all sorts of people ask me this, but it pains me the most when white boys that I don’t even know ask me. Like sir, I get it, you’re confused by the fact that I have blue eyes and freckles but also a fat ass and natural hair, I get it, it’s odd, but stop asking me. I’m going to start charging everyone $100 to ask me. Run me my fucking money.

All my white readers are probably thinking “what’s so bad about this?” I mean, first off all, it’s just straight up fucking annoying. I know white people love to brag about where their ancestors came from 24/7, but asking where someone is from just because they look a little different is fucking racist. No, you are not A racist for asking someone that question, but that question IS racist. There’s a difference, people. You’re not a bad person, it’s not your fault, but stop asking this damn question. Just because someone has a lil melanin doesn’t mean you’re allowed to ask them in-depth about their background.

The only acceptable scenarios in which you can ask someone where they are from when you really just mean what their nationality is are the following:

  • you are their doctor asking regarding medical health conditions
  • you are a member of the United States census
  • you are the organizer of a black american, latin american, asian american, etc, group or club and need to ensure all members are of that heritage

If you or someone you know has been personally effected by a white boy asking where they are from, please call 1-800-Im-Actually-American because you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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