Happy Leap Day, Do Something Stupid

February 29th. It only happens once every four years to keep us in sync with the seasons (I think). Which means it’s special. A very special, and made up day that doesn’t count. Phil Dunphy, one of TV’s greatest dads said it best, “wake up boys, it’s leap day, not sleep day!”

Image result for phil dunphy leap day

It’s a day to do whatever the fuck you want, and this year, because it’s a Saturday you TRULY can do whatever the fuck you want. Get a tattoo, dye your hair, confess your love for someone, rob a bank!! Legally, they can’t catch you because today doesn’t exist!

Please don’t rob a bank, today being leap day cannot be used as a defense in a federal court. But, do dye your hair or get a tattoo, or a piercing, or just anything harmless and dumb.

What will I be doing you may be asking? I am going to dye my friend Maryanne’s hair blonde. Which, if you know Maryanne, you know she has wildly dark black hair, so THIS is going to be a fucking TRIP. Lets. Fucking. GO. Ladies and gents you now are free to leap.

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