I’m Currently In A Fight With IGTV and Google Photos

God Fucking DAMN IT, PEOPLE. I’m trying really fucking hard to upload a video on IGTV for my One Take Hot Take and this god damn video will not process or upload or whatever technological mumbo jumbo is happening right now.

I can’t upload from my phone because no matter how many wifi bars or service bars I have, it says “we’ll try again when there’s better connection.” Sir, there is no better connection. I’M AS CONNECTED AS IT GETS.

Okay, so you can upload an IGTV on your computer, dope. Well, my computer has no storage space so I can’t just dump the video on my desktop, I have to upload it to Google Photos first. Dope. Then I’ll download it from Google Photos on my computer. It seems easy enough. NOPE. The video “is still processing and will be available for download later.” I’m going to fucking snap my computer in half. I’m LIVID.

Now I’m trying to airdrop the video, but my computer doesn’t pop up as an option. I give up. I’m done. Maybe you’ll get to see this video someday. Maybe not, who fucking knows. Just know that I’m currently in a fight with Google Photos and Instagram

Go vote today. Thanks.

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