I Tried To Bleach Tie Dye My Clothes and I Might Have Caused Harm To My Health

I’ve long been a fan of DIYing my own clothes, cropping them, cutting sleeves off, tie-dye, so obviously I had to try this new bleach tie-dye trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere.

Unfortunately, I’m an idiot on more than one front. Who’s shocked.

To start, everyone on Tik Tok has been using toilet bowl cleaner to do this, probably because they’re all children and that’s what they have in their houses, but me, a grown adult could have 100% gone and purchased a spray bottle and bleach, but I too decided to use toilet bowl cleaner. And the one I got didn’t do jack shit. I sat and looked at it for ten minutes and nothing happened and any other time I’ve used bleach it’s worked almost immediately. I then grabbed a DIFFERENT toilet bowl cleaner (that was sitting right next to a bottle of actual bleach) and squirted that everywhere and it KIND of worked. Then, in a stroke of untimed genius, I grabbed the literal bleach and sprayed that on my clothes.

During all of this, I FORGOT TO OPEN THE FUCKING WINDOW IN MY BATHROOM. I inhaled like two bottles of bleach for a solid ten minutes, and not gunna lie, I don’t feel so great right now. I can’t tell if I’m freaking myself out or if something is genuinely wrong. So if I die, and this is my last ever blog, at least I did it doing what I love: being an absolute and utter DUMBASS. Hopefully, these sweatshirts turn out okay so that it was all worth it. I already know the one I really wanted to work did not work, but the other two might be poppin. Maybe you’ll catch me stuntin’. Maybe not. Who knows. Just pray I don’t die. I’m fine. I’m totally fine.

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