I’m About To Spend The Rest of My Night Watching Children’s Show, Also I’m A Trash Human

You read that title correctly. I’m about to go binge the FUCK out of an Australian Disney Junior show about a dog family. Bluey. Look it up. It’s stellar. And honestly, I’m having a blast laying in bed and watching it. Someone I follow on Twitter retweeted something about the show, and it happened to be a thread of clips from the newest season and I got sucked right in.


I mean, a show about adorable dogs with Australian accents? Sign me the fuck up!!! This show is so GD cute I can’t get over it honestly. And my hungover ass doesn’t have the brain capacity to pay attention to an adult show so this is just fantastic right now. Love this journey for me.

The creators of the show really had parents in mind when they wrote it because this shit is honestly wildy entertaining. The dad is mad fucking funny, and Bluey and Bingo are the cutest god damn things on the planet.

To be completely honest with you all, I drank from 1:30pm to about 12 midnight yesterday and I am NOT doing well so this is a lame excuse for a blog, but that’s because I’m a lame excuse for a human. The end. See you tomorrow for something (hopefully) so much better. The End.

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