The President Of Ireland’s Dog Stole The Show At This Official Event


Dogs. Am I right ladies? I mean, nothing America loves more than dog videos. How wholesome. If you know me you know that I think that dog people are fucking crazy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fucks with an adorable dog video. ESPECIALLY of a dog capturing all the attention in the room because, I mean, that’s everything I want in life.

This video might be one of the curest things in the god damn world? I mean, look at that dog. He’s like get out my way just trying to find my owner!! I need attention and I need it NOW. The damn pup has no clue that there are official Irish things happening. I mean, I don’t know what official Irish things even are, but I imagine if the President is there, it’s pretty damn important.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the demand for a belly rub. He didn’t just want any old attention, he wanted the best kind of attention a dog can get. And truly, I don’t blame him. Oh to be a dog demanding belly rubs from a world leader. The dream. The nonstop tail wagging also really gets me. He’s so HAPPY. Just so content that he found his guy.

From my research, it seems like Mr. Michael D Higgins is obsessed with his dogs (he has two and they’re ADORABLE) and brings them to all sorts of events, including meeting (former) British GD royals.


I really do need to find someone that will look at me like these dogs are looking at Mr. President. Also, I’m not sure how to address the President of Ireland, so Mr. President will have to do.

Said dogs even have a Twitter account, which again, I’m not the biggest fan of, but you know what, give the people what they want.

After learning absolutely zero (0) things about Mr. President’s political decisions, I have decided that he is amazing. This article is all I need truly. I’m not sure why, but I really just love the fact that there are not one, but TWO photos of him using a normal ass ATM. Don’t mind him, just getting his money to go buy dog treats probably. My bar is low for political figures honestly. Just be a decent fucking human being and I’m #SOLD.

Just some wholesome content for you on this beautiful Monday morning.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Toodaloo. 

Image result for michael d. higgins

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