I almost forgot to write a blog today… Here’s some rambling thoughts

Honestly if I wasn’t just creeping on my own twitter (something I do often don’t judge me) I would’ve completely forgotten to write a blog today. WOOPS.

I was BIG busy with work today. No I wasn’t, I was big busy texting a guy from bumble and scrolling through tik tok. Did I match with a genuinely nice guy who’s funny AND 6’4”?? Yes. Yes I did. Am i probably gunna fuck it up? Yes. But for now, we remain excited with low expectations.

Anyways, how y’all doin’? I hope you got that tik tok reference. Are you washing your hands? My mom, a nurse, also said that brushing your teeth is VERY important, gotta get out all those mouth germs. So make sure you obeying basic hygiene rules. Boys I’m looking at you. Sorry not sorry.

I don’t really have a topic of choice today, kinda just wanted to check in, say what’s up. Brag a little that a very attractive and very tall man thinks I’m hot. Anywhos, thanks for listening, I have a pretty funny celibate and suburbs planned for tomorrow, and my March madness bracket playlist will be released on Monday!!!! Stay TUNED for that. Big things are coming gals (and guys I GUESS). LOVE YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!

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