Celibate and The Suburbs: Love In The Time Of Corona

Have I ever seen Love In The Time of Cholera? No. Have I read the book? No. But do I always write about dating and guys? Yes.

This whole coronavirus thing is fucking wildin’ out. But I already work from home so not much has changed for me. What has changed, is that I’m actually going on a real live date tonight.

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Obviously, I’m not in love considering I’ve never met the guy, so it’s more like “Dating in the time of Corona”. But let me tell you, he’s great. And if you are him and you found this blog, please stop reading immediately before I die of embarrassment. I swear to fucking God if I find out that you kept reading I will kill you.

ANYWAYS. Back to this date. I matched with this kid on Bumble and we’ve been texting and talking – including a fucking hilarious 2 hours phone call until 2am – and really just hit it off, which leads us to our date tonight.

Ladies, we can do this. We can find nice, tall (6’4″ tall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), hilarious men. Who fucking knew? Will this inevitably get fucked up somehow, fucking probably! But for now, in the middle of this pandemic, I’m going to go meet a virtual stranger at a random ass restaurant and ignore the fact that the world is ending around me.

So it begs the question: Can we find love in this time of corona? People are getting quarantined and staying home, which means you have more time to use your phone, which means more dating apps, which means more fuck boys, so maybe not… Maybe we can find sex? Which is ironic considering we need to be sanitary.

Wash your hands, wear a condom, be safe out there folks.

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